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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

The Deep State Are On Holiday.

Probably On The Late Epstein's Yacht.

Well the head honcho of the deep state's playgrounds is no more. Problem here are those denied the privileges such debauched locations offered are now out to shame those they envied. How this will pan out is probably as they always do. Remember Savile? The BBC are happy few do anymore.

As for how these revelations peter out, look no further than here and the protestation of "no whitewash".  As for Epstein's demise. Supposedly to mean his club members can relax. Bill Clinton continue his life as a cigar wielding elderly statesman and probably sign up to the new clubs which will spring up to replace Epstein's empire.

However Andy Windsor looks vulnerable. No doubt flattered and seduced with the aid of underage and stupid, unwordly and groomed girls. This, the top end of the grooming industry now awash in our towns and cities, at the basest level of culturally poverty stricken and gross, ugly perpetrators. Cash rich, morally bankrupt, migrant cultures, in the main. Adept at cultivating home grown participants, often in authority, to ignore, for spin offs or participation.

That it is regarded with such disdain, whilst facilitated by the likes of the BBC, Parliamentarians and others, is repugnant. A swamp even more stench ridden than the political one. Albeit probably sharing the same terrain but with differing depths. 

Only one hope is available for these activities to be shamed and their participants cast out of any decent company. A resurgence of interest not blunted by the deep state's propaganda outlets. The media led shamelessly by the BBC. The same outfit now riddled with fear mongering hysteria at our leaving the EUSSR.

Add to that gross excuse for a "news" organisation, the dregs of May's treacherous and lying term as PM. Now exposed, as was Epstein, as unpleasant, self absorbed and hubris driven unpleasantness. Hammond, Grieve, Clarke, Bercow. People as ugly as it gets. Mean spirited, secretive and superior they never dreamt Bojo would get to Number 10. 

Even now these people, like the Epstein clients, really see themselves as untouchable. Well, unlike Epstein, they have a better and more moral army to consider. 17.4 million strong in 2016. probably considerably more, today. We may struggle to destroy the monster that is the deep state. However it has been known in the past so why not again?


  1. This is UK so here comes the deafening hiss of the air brush accompanied by the overwhelming smell of whitewash. It was ever thus and in the past cover ups were rife and easy, sadly in the present where we do find out about such things only a tiny minority will give a dam.