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Friday, 30 August 2019

Sir Salmonella.

What An Absolute Prick.

I'm not sure what this unfaithful and disgusting man ever did to get a 'K' except maybe for services to the egg producing business. By being "egged" on by Currie. Pair of adulterous thickos. Hindsight a wonderful asset. How this bloke now gets to lecture us all, on how bloody marvellous his salaried stance on remaining subjects of a 4th Reich I know not.

To add salt to our wounds, as staunch and loyal people to the United Kingdom and our sovereign, his kind and their treachery beggars belief. The man is a blatant and unapologetic hypocrite. A fool as PM and even more a clown in relative obscurity were it not for the referendum result. Now his jealous and spiteful ire against Bojo, is in full spotlight.

Just imagine him under cross examination. "Sir John, is it correct that as PM you had an unlawful sexual conjugation with a Minister in your Government? If so, pray, how does that behaviour qualify you now, let alone as PM, to be critical of the present PM and his Government? 

"Secondly, if I may, you are here as sponsor to a High Court Action aimed at challenging the PM's proroguing of Parliament to, as you claim, minimise opportunities for a remain packed Parliament to stop the UK leaving the EU. Did you not, Sir John, prorogue Parliament to bury an embarrassing cash for questions matter. Something as probably as uncomfortable to yourself, personally, as cheating on your Wife and Family. Is not this present Parliament, Sir John, also one which, in the main, was elected on promises and voted for said pledges to leave the EU club?"

Major; "err, err err, err, I don't recall these matters, it was so long ago and, and, and er, er my Wife has forgiven me. Also, though I'm getting very well paid by the EU, I meant very well advised by the EU, I mean my remain colleagues...." 

"Thank you Sir John, no further questions, your Honour".

I do so hope we get to leave cleanly and with what is an Article 50, WTO, guess what, "backstop"! Not least for the sheer joy of proving these ghastly, small minded, treacherous and vicious remain plotters and haters of the Monarchy, scum, finally trounced. An excellent swamp draining GE to follow our departure, with the plug held firmly in the hands of sensible and free people.


  1. O R you must understand, Sir John and his ilk are members of the ruling class. They are our lords and masters and the normal rules of society regarding common sense or moral values do not apply to them (oh dear Mr. Corbyn and Ms. Abbot come to mind, what a terrible thought) They have a right to rule and it is not our place as peasants to question our betters. We have a house of lords stuffed with self opinionated remoaner prats on £300 a day because we can't even get a simple referendum question right :-) Thank goodness we have these pompous windbags to safeguard our democracy. Have a great weekend O R and if by any chance your a church goer say one for Boris.