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Saturday, 31 August 2019


The Deep State's Grip.

Two dinosaurs of the left, Granddad and Mason, both screaming sedition and violence, after a routine suspension of Parliament. Meanwhile not one jot of noteworthy  coverage of the French demonstrations.

Then overnight we get images, likely faked of mass gatherings across the UK. Virtually instigated over a few hours. Renta-mob fees must be very lucrative. All anti Brexit fervour smacking of manipulation and easily fooled halfwits. In the main.

The Epstein affair. A glimpse into how the truly powerful, rich and mighty behave at the expense of children and parents ready to pimp out their kith and kin. Nasty and sinister to say the least.

As is the pro Islamic stance of the same folk. Halal cruelty, no probs. Rape and abuse of young kids, it's their culture. Anything for votes but so sinister in its implementation. As is the mass immigration, free movement nightmare not in full flow.

Anything nasty today can be laid firmly at the EUSSR's doors. A project of subjugation facilitated by Parliament in an orgy of self interest and delusion. People so out of touch with genuine and decent feeling as to ride roughshod over it. Bercow a dwarf in jackboots too big for the little runt but he still happily uses them to tread over fair play and impartiality.

This swamp is so very, very deep and the stench leading to violence and horror as its creatures emerge desperate and full of filth to demand they and they alone have entitlement to any power. Their minions happy to wave foreign flags and stomp about full of the same filth served them straight out of the mire from whence it comes. Yuh!!!!!!


  1. Another spot on posting O R. Like you I am so sick of the carry on in Westminster and the dreadful state of our nation. Here we go again with talk of this plot and that coup, anything to subvert democracy and now talk of yet another election. What a stinking mess but if they think the brexiteers will give up they are very mistaken. At least so far Boris is living up to his word so still some hope for the future

  2. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse OR just look where we are today. At least Boris was man enough to sack the treacherous scum who voted against him. Let's hope the long overdue purge and a possible brexiteer majority after the coming election takes us to freedom at last.