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Friday, 23 August 2019


Bojo's Summer So Far.

Note the difference!

I'm still uptight as to what happens next. However I do feel inclined to be grateful, so far, to the enjoyable moments Bojo is giving us all, after the dour and treacherous years of Mad May. A remainer woman, miserable and tortured, looking to punish all those who voted to leave the EUSSR's corrupt cabal.

Not only she but her coterie of equally ghastly and vengeful pieces of work such as Hammond and Grieve to name but two. Add Oily Robbins and the arrogant and smug Sedwill to the mix and you begin to understand the manner the last three years have been managed. A deliberate drip, drip of misery to grind down any optimism and opposition, against the remain projects under their watch. Projects which culminated in the betrayal of not leaving on the 29th of March.

More musing on the summer soon to close. How little I miss Bunter Boulton. His nastiness and spite against the SKY paymasters and manipulators of his career, such as it is, has been another diet of misery, fear and gloom. Should we leave on the 31st, hopefully on WTO Article 50 treaty terms, then blossom as an independent nation, I'll want Bunter back big time. If only to see him fall apart in the coming post EUSSR era of freedom.

As for the BBC. Not a good summer either, for they. The attempt to sell pictures of Boris with a dirty shoe on Macron's coffee table backfiring big time when seen as a fleeting pun leg pull! Macron's recent language and nastiness against Boris also muted to say the least. Some reality dawning, perhaps, that losing the UK is one thing. Going back to the hundred year war enmity and the cost of that stance somewhat foolish.

As a final muse. Remember all the character assassins of Boris prior to his becoming PM? Laziness one such levelled barb. Well, he's achieved more than May did in three years. He's been tireless laying the ground for us to actually leave on the 31st. 

Still some anxiety over May's WA sell out, with or without that ridiculously manufactured bear trap of a backstop. It's a horrendous package and still leaves us subject to the ECJ etcetera. Vassals to our historic allies across the pond far better than across the English Channel. Not least when we get, if lucky, to witness Macron's vicious violence against dissent. 

Have a great weekend.


  1. Nice posting O R well done, Boris is looking good to me also at the moment. OK not perfect but after that terrible woman May what a breath of fresh air Boris is. Have a good bank holiday weekend O R and why not treat yourself to a drop of English ale.