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Friday, 16 August 2019

Granddad, Heir To Pol.

You Must Be Kidding?

There is a saying "you can judge a man by the company he keeps". So you need little time to suss out this fraud. Anyone across the planet he considers is prepared to subjugate all and sundry, in the name of an unnatural understanding of human nature, is his pal. I'm only surprised pics of him with Pol Pot have never surfaced!

I have said many times on this blog, check out those who do most for charitable causes and for others and you'll find they are not the leftard, revolutionary, deluded dupes of socialism and communism. Fine but flawed and proven useless, ideals that have never been found fit for purpose and impoverish all but the power crazed leaders who pursue these endeavours.

So this latest "get brexit" wheeze by this old fart and failed human being is beyond parody. Except for one other matter. The likes of that now proven plotter and anti "the people" Hammond. Bosom friends, no doubt, with  Dom Grieve. As well as being the head puppeteer for the Maybot's treacherous dance moves.

To witness true social democrats like Frank Field and Kate Hoey, prepared to support the referendum result, set alongside, for comparison, the wreckers in Parliament, is a sorry sight as to the paucity of decency boasted and puff chested by Bercow, Suede Shoe Clarke et al. 

Don't even get me started on that other poison dwarf, Letwin. People who have infected and diseased our Nation for decades. A stench ridden and ever deeper swamp of self interested greed. No wonder they're scared of brexit per se. If we also add the Kinnock faction of millionaires, awash with pension income of huge amounts, from their forelock tugging obsequience to Berlin-a-Brussels, you begin to understand the reasons behind the anti democracy movement of grasping dullards.

How ironic they may be prepared to support Granddad Grizzle Beard. A, supposedly, socialist, yet another one very well britched from tax paid largess. He may be an unkempt, to lazy to smarten up, moron but he sure as hell is no pauper.

So the wrangling, deceit, conspiracies to defraud the public and the nastiness carries on. We can but hope and so far so good, Bojo's sheer force of character will shame and belittle these swamp dwellers. After all he did a cracking job, eventually, on the "Abba" song woman. Let us pray that her crocodile tears at loss of face and position, will be floods elsewhere.

Naturally, if Bojo, as suggested to date, might seek to resurrect the Maybot's "deal", in a glossy magazine format. Thus hiding the ghastly treaties enshrined, then the BP may well do to Bojo that which he is trying to do to the Hammond Swamp of Horrors and Granddad's Platoon!


  1. Another great posting O R well said all of it. I would so love to see Hammond and a great many others like him spending a lot of time in the tower. I do hope Boris pulls brexit off and the talk he might just do it earlier than 31st of October is so good to hear. Go Boris and then let's have an early election so the local Conservative Associations get a chance to deselect the traitors in the the party. A night of the long knives is well overdue and the party desperately needs a purge of the self serving enemies of democracy presently infesting it.

  2. Anon, you really are most kind. Indeed I, a very disenfranchised but natural big and small C, would welcome a PM who triumphs. However, should he do so, then I also would love him to knight Nigel Farage, at least!