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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Funny This.

WTF Was She Doing Over Three Years?

Remember this woman? Thought her dancing on the grave of a free and democratic UK was just fine. No deal never once a chip at the roulette table she occupied as the EUSSR cretins rolled the loaded dice of our subjugation and demise.

The Guardian no less reports on a sudden shift of intent from Mutti and a tantrum growing whinge from Macron's despicable henchmen. The latter now embroiled in a savage crackdown against his own disaffected people. Not that you'd know it. Hong Kong in flames, send the ghoul watching BBC and SKY lot across the world but bypass France and months and months of similar demonstrations and identical brutality of Hong Kong now on French city streets.

Mind you the odd reporter is touching on how the real, tangible threat of "no deal" is getting more attention in two weeks or so than that woman got in over three years. Funny that. Now it appears even our treacherous Parliament has had its wings clipped. A vote of "no confidence" and a GE called after the 31st is delicious, should we get to taste it, irony!

It appears that not just the Ollie Robbins manufactured "backstop" is rejected by the new UK Government but the other gross demands. ECJ influence has to go, for one. If the rest of that ludicrous surrender document is mostly if not totally ditched, that will be good.

As for the leave democratic importance, well. To see, perceived by the remain goons as underhand and devious, the fact that now stopping a WTO departure is not possible in time with a vote of no confidence, the smugness is a little battered! So, if Boris and his team can keep their nerve and not do a Maybot compromise or believe or trust the EUSSR, we just might become a free and independent Nation again. Time will tell.


  1. Another well written and interesting posting O R. You thoughts are always worth reading, thank you.