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Friday, 9 August 2019

Distracted Recently.

Neighbour Dispute Issues.

Not directly mine but close family stuff. So hence a degree of absence. Still, such is life and we just plough on and do what we can.

Just now politics are a welcome distraction, would you believe. Of course we obsessives are a minority and most folk go about their lives with far less interest in the powers that be and their rule over us. However instinct for self preservation often surfaces unexpectedly at the non rigged ballot boxes.

The 2016 referendum and Trump's victory then Maybot's idiotic snaring in 2017 proof of that instinct, I suggest. Now this emotion or "sixth sense" may well be getting behind Boris. That insomuch as the remain despotic desperadoes are in full project fear mode, snide Maitlis interview are claws out, aged legs akimbo and their false tan looking well false. 

Bunter Boulton's lot are in full "get some serious sounding remain clown from yesterday's folk like Rifkind" to spout clap trap about Parliamentary  democracy when it has patently shown to be out for itself and screw the referendum result until doomsday! Wall to wall. 24/7. Night and day if it's not Brexit it's Trump.

A constant litany of depressing spite, bile and sore loser bullying ess aitch one tee. Well look you here. A smiling, cheerful and breath of fresh air PM pops up. If nothing else he's hands down more appealing to watch than anything out of the remain camp's losers and their fellow tossers from the EUSSR. 

The apoplexy when Cummings pointed out that it's perfectly legal and within a PM's gift to lose a vote of no confidence and take 14 days to mull it over. Then as the PM choose a GE date as they see fit. So a WTO as enshrined in the international treaty law that is Article 50 is perfectly possible, lawful and provided for in that treaty.

As with our dispute with neighbours. Confrontation becomes inevitable. The fall out less so other than to say one side generally faces losing the arguments and end up with a huge bill. Right now I reckon the biggest hit will be for the EUSSR and remain folk. Why? That instinctive and strangely, usually spot on when people are allowed a say. As we did in 2016.

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  1. Just so O R the remain band wagon rolls ever onwards but surly the voters must see that everything they predicted fails to come true. Still your right most people don't take any interest in political things at all. Recently a neighbour was moaning about the state of the town and I asked her if she voted for more of the same in the local election a few weeks back. Her reply was " did we have an election? " Sadly the ruling class can do what they like and most don't even notice. Democracy, what democracy?