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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Will The Woman Ever Go?

She Still Has To Ensure The UK Never Leaves The EUSSR.

This awful woman seeks to damage the next PM and the UK as much as she can. Her speech yesterday, written by the deep state scribes, used their well worn and nasty propaganda phrases. "Populism" a word now spat out and really meaning democracy. A less than hidden jibe at Boris.

Not only that you can bet she's closeted, most days and nights, with secretive EU and remain folk, working the strategy to belittle the next PM. Unless they rig the ballot to get her little favourite, Cnut, installed. You know, like she was by Camoron. Albeit she and her lot may well want Boris to become PM.

Why, you may ask? Well given her three disastrous years of trying to slay Brexit, she will relish being in the gang of thugs turfed out along with herself. Hammond for one. Such is their unpleasant and vindictive characters they will be full of bile to be exhausted in revenge. Even at a severe cost to the rest of us. Ironically their wealth and riches gained from the kudos of High, even if bent, Office squatting.

Even as I write this cretinous and treacherous lot will be siding with our enemies in Parliament. Those elected through lies and deceit, as Brexit supporters. Just as May was slipped into Number 10. A very careful, close look at her oxmoron titled "Withdrawal" Agreement is evidence writ large of her true colours. Deep hues of evil nastiness and betrayal.

Whose idea was it to permit this amendment? It has all the paw marks of the remain Civil Service and full, no doubt costly legal experts' fees to parade before this rotten House. May, too, no doubt fully behind the whole matter to help destroy our ever leaving. Her lingering and loitering presence is like a tumour on all that was once a decent democracy but is now riddled with EUSSR despicable cells.

Well, for all "their" shenanigans the Brexit Party will be the only beneficiary. If, as seems likely, Boris is hung, drawn and quartered by this remain Parliament and the nasty, rebellious Tory fools, with vested interests in the EUSSR scams and fraud, there will be an election. One with a degree of high possibility the present bunch of liars and fraudsters, aka Peterborough for a start, will be consigned to oblivion. Perhaps they would seek asylum in Europe since they're so pro that EUSSR dictatorship.


  1. At least with Boris we are in with a chance. He may just be able to save the day and if he fails we always have the Brexit party we can turn to should there have to be an election. I shall be celebrating the demise of Mrs May the day the new PM (hopefully Boris) takes office with a slap up lunch and a few pints of decent English ale.

  2. Anon I think we need a GE now as soon as possible, the treacherous swine are trying to stop Boris from shutting up shop even before he's in.

    OR quite agree, she is a bitter twisted loser right to the bitter end. What a horrible dried up barren husk she is, nasty poisonous loser. Just hope that any countries that are on our side see it for what it is and don't paint us all with her toxic brush.

  3. Boris may turn out to e as big a disappointment as Cameron but at least he's better than Hunt.
    I watched the Andrew Neil interview with the two of them yesterday. Normally I have a little respect for ol' Brillo, but it was noticeable that Hunt whilst given a grilling was allowed to respond whereas every time Boris opened his mouth he was shouted down and talked over, rarely being allowed to actually give an answer to the question.

    Just about to book my tickets to the Brexit Party conference in September. Only a fiver a go. Bargain compared to the greed of the Tories for their tickets...

  4. Gentlemen, given PC necessity I suspect Anon's choice of lunch leans to a male persuasion, good to know my attitudes hold sway. I believe in far greater numbers than the PTB realise, loathe the manner MPs are behaving.