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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

The Remainer Amnesia.

When Will The Sore Losers Ever Get Real?

I can't help myself. Like a moth to a flame I'm drawn to the media rubbish that passes for news and debate. Last evening Matthew Parris was trotted out on Propagandanight  "Newsnight" to tell us all of his impeccable superiority in all things beneath him. That is pretty well every other human that ever lived. Pitched against him Douglas Murray. Murray was expected to come across as an extreme and far right zealot, against Parris as the measured, calm and reasonable remain front.

Didn't work out. The reasonable logic presented by Murray as to the power of the referendum's democratic mandate and its failure to be implemented irked Parris almost to apoplexy. Scrubber Maitlis desperately glowering at Parris, as Douglas Murray spoke gently and rationally, was a joy to behold. Maitlis, aware Parris was beginning to foam at the mouth and gibber.

Sadly, Murray didn't disabuse the nasty little and less than jolly or gay Parris and his vehemence that we knew not what we were voting for in 2016. Time and time again we get the "no deal" crap. Article 50 allows for a departing member to continue on WTO terms whilst negotiating other arrangements, having effing left.

From the Common's Library, no less. There is no debate on this issue: if there isn’t a withdrawal agreement the UK and the EU will trade with each other solely under the rules-based trading system of the World Trade Organization (WTO)." Now how simple does it have to be? All of you pathetic and unpleasant, self clowns, all of you, note that quote.
 If that still doesn't compute in brains obsessed with their place in a Federal EUSSR of dictators and forelock tugging, sycophantic sheep, seeking personal gain, get this.

It is the leave voters and supporters who are told "you didn't understand", blah blah. What is it that, if you don't accept the words from this clip, you regard as OK to dish the promises and statements of a Prime Minister, because they don't suit you? Such dismissal demeans the Office of PM. Just as May did with her 104 or so lies when she claimed we were leaving on the 31st of March. Or "no deal is better than a bad deal".

If the present and newly appointed PM gets us out properly and as the Article 50 Treaty allows, on WTO trading rules, he may just save our democracy at the last minute. We will escape the nastiness emanating from the EUSSR that has always lain just beneath the surface of the junketing, boozing, banqueting, bullying, free loaders that typify the unelected and some elected EU obsessives in power.

Matthew Parris yet the latest star to be diminished by his own hubris last evening. There are many more of the old Government, Hammond leading the dying and falling stars of a failed glow of remain ambition. The sunrise to follow these falling night stars will be worth the horrors of the last three years, when, not if, it comes. The 5th of November hundreds of Guy Fawkes, wrapped in no longer needed or wanted blue rags, those falling stars circled within, incinerated from the UK forever.

God, freedom and democracy willing.


  1. One your best posts ever OR, if not the best. Thank you.

  2. You are, as ever, RAC, most kind. Thank you.

  3. Another early start O R ? :-). Yes another good posting with well made points, keep up the good work. Right now things look a little more hopeful than they have for many years. Boris is talking the talk and seems to be able to walk the walk as well, shame he didn't become PM years ago. Already talk from the remainers about seeking to rejoin the EUSSR, looks like some of them now see brexit as inevitable.

  4. Thank you, likewise Anon. Just hope Bojo has the mojo!

  5. Well that'll teach em both. TBP and Cons need to decide who has the best chance and the least favourite needs to stand down. I would have thought it was obvious that running both candidates will split the Brexit vote.

  6. A 2 year old could see that running two Brexit supporting parties will split the vote, a blind man could see it, even the libs and green cult can see it.
    How much of this stupidity do we have to tolerate before we see it as deliberate intention.
    Do they really want Brexit ?
    Or is this clown show an elaborate charade to placate the Brexit voters whilst ultimately giving victory to their money masters ?

  7. Maybe it tells us a bit about the voters in Brecon and Radnor that more of them voted for the Mobster Looney Party than voted for UKIP. Perhaps people get the representation they deserve.