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Tuesday, 9 July 2019


Turmoil Or What.

Nasty is as nasty does.

My very welcome, in the main, visitors will know full well my anger and despair as to how this ghastly woman allowed herself to be the devious, underhand and mendacious front for the deep state remain scum. Unfortunately Obama's intervention to read an auto cue prepared by Dodgy Dave, prior to the referendum, failed as dismally as the last three years have done, to defeat the UK's love of democracy.

That President Trump got in after months of the UK crowd of so called leaders slagged him off at every opportunity really hurt the arrogant bunch. None more so than the not so Civil Service. However many others joined the "get Trump" camp and it's a miracle he's done so well. That President Trump then called May out over her dreadful prevarication whilst waiting for an event to cancel our leaving was made some time since.

It still didn't stop him getting a State visit. Some friends still in the UK. I dare say millions more than May leaves with, for sure. So, given the musings so far, you may be wondering or even guessing what's next!

This Darroch mess seems to me a IED that's exploded too soon. Should have been Darroch's iron clad route to the Lords, when Tracy eventually leaves Number 10. Assuming she does, of course. By this, I believe May has been very much a part of this remain driven revenge strike. If, as has been suggested, these kinds of communications should be hard copy only, May will have been one of few to see them originally.

Indeed, such is the venom spat by President Trump, I suggest he feels as I do! In a fit of sore loser pique the barren harridan has attempted what, for her, will have been a delightful "get Trump" plan after her last exit from Downing Street. Whoops, came out to early. Also the damage to her other hated foe, Boris, as she sees it, will be far less than if it had broken a day after his hopeful for us all, Premiership start.

It all, also gives us yet another huge insight into how far our political Establishment has fallen. Personal vendettas, lies, fake news and powerful but inept Cabinet weaklings, have all combined to have kept us still shackled to their Sturmbahnfuhrers in Brussels. Well, if as is likely, Boris does win we'll have our very own Donald! Refreshing if nothing else.

Plus a fair few Civil servants will be dreading his elevation to power over they. He, too, will have some revenge porn to hand I'm sure. With a better and more subtle using of same than ever Tracy could manage. Just look at that expression above. What a terrible woman she has become. A lousy loser and sore, vengeful witch.

As for Labour. Thick as can be. They fought a remain referendum and were trounced. They joined the Tories and May to lie. Pretend to be leavers to con the electorate and secure a Parliament of over 500 despicable, dishonourable and mendacious self servers. Next up a drubbing in Council Elections and a thrashing in the EU election. 

Then with all this evidence before them, like May's lot, the idiots are now planning an all out assault to defeat the referendum result. Still, that'll split any fools thinking of joining Chukka LibDum and do for remain what they tried to do to we leavers. Tactical persuasion and lies. Ergo Boris could expect a big return of leave support and those labour voters not prepared to back a remain Labour rump going to Nige.

So, dear friends, leave on Halloween  come what may. Hold an election early November and job done. A Christmas free of EUSSR enslavement and a wonderful, brexit done, festive season!


  1. A good posting O R well done. the Donald is where he is because he is dam good at what he does and in spite of what our media says friends in USA tell me he is very popular over there. Far more popular than any media here ever tells us he is in fact. Let's hope Boris is as good as the Donald and they can work together for the good of us all. Regarding Labour, well after a lifetime of watching a once great party degenerate into a spiteful racist mob they deserve to be where they are in the polls. I do so hope that Mr Corbyn hangs on to his job for ever, he is the best thing that has happened to right wing politics for years.

  2. Come what may on 31st Oct and we're all hoping for the best next will be bonfire night, no I'm not suggesting a re-run of real thing, though no doubt there'll be some who would. This year I think there will be a lot of Guyess's, so get your May masks now before they sell out. There might also be some very short ugly loud mouthed Guys as well, nothing special needed just a suit of clothes stuffed with sewage.