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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Is It Really Only Tuesday!

Our Media Already August Off, Demob Miserable.

Ever since Labour were booted out in 2010 the MSM began 9 years, to date, of downward negativity. Glorious sunshine sparks "global warming" dire forecasts. Met forecasts lecture us on sun screen and pollen counts more than actual weather conditions. Every good bit of news gets BUT after it. Or "despite brexit".

The 2016 election of Mr Donald Trump and the brexit referendum trouncing of the aptly named "remoaners", for in reality, trouncing it was, has resulted in an acceleration of the doom mongers. Every political news channel is as depressing and miserable as can be.

Watching the presenters we forget that in their ears are the real harbingers and inquisition voices of doom. Their beloved leftie, guilt assuaging self delusion, that their dear Blairite super luvvies are now vilified and ridiculed by events, is hard for them to cope. Is this why the bile and vitriol their viewers are required to endure, in print and on the airwaves so prevalent?

Thank the Lord, to date, we have the INTERNET. To see the Brexit Party MEPs showing how gross the EUSSR Parliament is with its pretend Federal play acting was a joy to behold. Listening and watching Boris light up interviews and entertain us is so refreshing after three years of the dour, lying and devious remainer May. 

Without a powerful fraud by the deep state, Boris is a shoe in. Hunt a pure Uriah destined to shackle us to the EUSSR in an even worse manner than May. As for miserable and dour, Hammond grinned at McDonnell today, over the dispatch box, like a halal butcher over his victims. No vegan is our Phillip I suggest. Probably supports halal cruelty as he feels about leave aficionados.

On that halal matter and likewise child grooming and the rape of young, mainly white girls, we don't get much of that depressing and constant practice from the media, do we. Or from politicians posing as future prime Ministers. In three years in Office can anyone point me to any serious condemnation or even expression of disgust from May? Me neither.

Still, despite all of this unpleasant and deliberate negativity, Boris should get in, brexit really happen on Halloween and President Trump do as second term. If so I hope he encourages that evil snob and fraudster, Legarde to get her just desserts. How Lagarde can be so ignorant is a disgrace. A fair dollop of how they think of us all. With disdain now they are mega rich out of fraud. A bit rich a deep state hooker and convicted criminal being so superior.

What a shower they, May, Lagarde and macron are. The latter crushing his own people with a gestapo like evil. Give Ivanka over all of them.

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