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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

How The MSM Are Suffering!

Not From The Heat, Either.

He will have known this stunt would have been panned by all and sundry, so I admired him for still doing it. Also, given Disaster May and her despicable attempt to lock us all in an EUSSR strangle hold, he has a chance to redress her ghastly treachery.

The media have so far been hilarious. Banging on about Parliament won't this and the EU lot won't that, conveniently forgetting that we are or should be bound by international treaty as to implement Article 50 and if no other option leave under WTO provision under that treaty.

As I see it, the new PM needs to ensure a Civil Service grouping prepared to implement the legal default position, if Parliament can't agree on anything else and behave as voted on in 2016. Fat chance, though since most MPs have already taken slush incentives from Brussels a Berlin.

As for Hunt. What an arrogant git. Demanding high office and self importance. Defence of the Realm seemingly beneath him, FFS. Still, he is used to being treated as special by his cousin, Virginia Bottomley as well as Gone Tess. For my money we're all better off with him out of Government.

So, for me, give the guy a chance. he knows full well TBP are waiting in the wings and a General Election without having left the Mafia's EU's clutches will cost all three old Parties another big kicking. An election on the back of a WTO exit on Halloween would see Bojo back with a thumping majority underpinned by well over 17.4 million voters just for starters.

So, it's still pop corn futures time and we'll see what unfolds. Maybe, just maybe we'll get to be proud Britons once more. Those dreadful, expensive deep state flags outside OUR Parliament gone for good. Or at least one of those pathetic stars removed from said invasion waving banners! Note, too, the clowns have been issued with very expensive, shiny loud, very loud, megaphones. So irritating but also so comic. A true rag tag and bobtail weirdo army. Still somebody chooses to pay them.


  1. Well said O R give the man a chance he can't be any worse than May. The shrill screams of the remainers are such a joy to hear, today some say the 96,000+ who voted for Boris have the I.Q. of 10 year olds. Others say Boris will enslave us the the USA while themselves enslaving us to the EU. Politics really is the best free show in town these days. Go Boris! is what I say and at least for a while there is a spec of light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. As an Englishman in exile I'm mostly divorced from British politics. That said, I'm in agreement in giving the flaxen haired one a fair go. Bojo for President!.