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Saturday, 13 July 2019


The Tory Leadership Now Run By The Remain Media.

Two peas in a pod. Two remain cretins in the sod.

I'm only surprised our J Cnut is not seen wearing leopard print shoes and a crap skirt and jacket. Or a scarf wrapped round his neck. Now spouting the May mantra of delay, delay, delay. All read from the EUSSR lexicon of "time is our friend". Wear down and erode the democratic dreamers by whatever means.

Despite a 4% referendum vote, then over three years of underhand, vicious nastiness and lying by 500 or so MPs, the deserved kicking of May The Miserable, the still faint  and a hope of a brexit Prime Minister, the deep state still believes it has the upper hand. Well, I'm not so sure.

The Darroch debacle was, for me, a risky throw of the remain dice, with a gamble it could embroil and wreck Boris. Lord, Sir for the moment, Darroch loathed President Trump's brash character and set himself up as a nouveau typical snob, schooled in the gross privilege of a senior position in the not so Civil Service, with its smug snobbery, deluded superiority and we know it all circles.

His girlfriend and lust free, dried up harridan in Number 10 will most likely give him a peerage for his well timed actions. Leak my arse. This was a planned and orchestrated trap. One so besmirched with remain fingerprints as to be a no brainer. I've a nasty feeling the Met investigation will be used to, by hook or by crook, find leave culprits. At least publish "evidence" they can't give detail on for "security" reasons but dish enough nudge winking to lay poison. What else?

Darroch hated the President's success, no doubt adored the Clinton contacts, worships May and the remain cause. Trump's 2016 victory on the back of a leave vote will have been devastating for this deep state apparatchik. His departure from the US designed to assuage his pent up anger and guarantee a seat in the House of Lords remainer enclave. All the time relishing a role in stopping brexit.

So, as another weekend in EUSSR enslavement commences, the sun shine down on a crumbling United Kingdom, we as leave supporters remain in limbo. The game heavily controlled, still, by the deep state. According to the media losers and tossers, Hunt is a shoe in, like May was. Boris a distraction and sport. Seemingly 50% of eligible votes still to be cast. The innuendo, their Cnut guy is still in the frame to win, seemingly against the odds. Yup, one has to wonder when and where from those mysterious 50% of ballot papers will appear from. (Note the groundwork of apparent incompetence already in place. A camouflage net perhaps?)  

My guess will be the recycled bin bags from Peterborough. Have a good weekend, peeps! ignore the stench of mendacity that emanates from our ruling remainers.


  1. Chin up O R, we shall know soon enough if that nice Mr Hunt has achieved a miracle (so to speak) and been elected in spite of some 70% of the members wanting Boris. No regime in history has even been able to deny the will of the people for ever, not even the original USSR. If Boris is not elected or fails us the drum beat of the Brexit party gets ever louder so we will leave the EU in the end remainers or no remainers. Its been a long 3 years and for people like us a long 40 years but I think we are near the end now.

    1. I was up very early, Anon. Great to know so many feel as I do.