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Saturday, 20 July 2019

A Savage Leaving.

May's Departure Will Be Her Legacy.

When a Party stalwart and honest Party member makes these observations on a PM and leader you realise something rotten has ruled over us for three deceitful years. Her brief. To sell out 17.4 million of her people to a gross and corrupt entity that is the EUSSR. Don't take my word for it.

It is little wonder she lost 50 Cabinet members in her short but terrible and damaging 3 years. Those she held onto were no more than in her own image. Hammond, Rudd, (there's a rotten fish, what) and of course, cousin to a State BUPA mega beneficiary of NHS largess, Cnut. How nepotism is done.
I suspect that May will be salivating with Woody Hubby over the riches to be garnered from the back benches.

I listened to some SKY air head, briefly, asking Brokenshire if the Gulf business should delay May's departure. What a pathetic moron. Made Bunter Boulton look imperial for real, rather than in his own deluded, lard laden self. Note also, we hijack an Iranian vessel, just fine. Retaliation, how dare they? I have to wonder how further we are to descend into the morass of Western greed and deep state nastiness, before things may change.

When we see the behaviour these last few days of May's evil intention towards all things brexit and the fully as dreadful actions of Hammond, hope is hard to find. With one exception. The Brexit party. The drubbing May's bunch of charlatans have taken in two elections this year alone let alone her slapping in 2017, tells us much. Not least "they" still don't see how much they're despised. Bliar's departure was well received, briefly. Spoilt by Snot Gobbler's succession. Cameron no loss but May, pun coming, trumps them all! Roll on Tuesday.

This latest, scandalous and dishonourable move, engineered by May and her Civil Service handlers to push the NI Bill as a vehicle to sabotage Brexit and the Union with it, is shocking. Few will, in the Country at large, understand this deep state manoeuvre. Make no mistake, it's up there with any assassination plot throughout history.

Yet there is still a significant instinct abroad. An understanding that we are being lied to, treated with smug disdain and horrendous undeserved superiority. By circa 75% of MPs slavishly bending to the will of a deep state which pays them well in perks and protection. The expenses scandal seemingly so long ago but still a matter of hurtful understanding by millions.

Then there has been the farcical seat swapping in Europe and a ballot of MEPs with only one candidate! Democracy, pah! So the stench from this big fish that is our modern rulers' status is noticed. It needs disposing of and incinerating. Or as is said by many, the swamp needs draining and its rotten fish gone for good. History tells us it can be done. Indeed celebrated in France on Bastille day!

Have a good weekend but gird the old loins. Or young ones! Darren Grimes a fabulous counter to Owen Jones and a rare victor over the deep state Electoral Fraudsters Commission.  


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    1. Yes but sadly oh so true. O R is right we are in a terrible state as a nation. I have real doubts if our political system can survive the present state of affairs and hope it will be replaced with a fresher cleaner political system that better reflects democracy. That is my hope but having seen what some in Westminster are capable of it is only a hope. Still in the short term Mrs May is going and that alone is reason to celebrate, roll out the barrel on Tuesday O R we might have little reason to do so for a while after.