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Monday, 24 June 2019

Wall To Wall Get Boris.

Their Great White, Deep State, Placement Hatchet Man.

The expression above after he received confirmation Boris had a row with his girlfriend and they got it on tape. Probably part of the whole disgusting nastiness. Anything but anything to get him, J Cnut, into snake (pun  intended) skin high heels. What a typical, privileged, produce of nepotism. Baroness and Cousin benefactor to Jeremy. The sickening way we do things in the modern world is gross.

This placement piece of work, clone of Maybot, should be hung drawn and quartered, career wise, for his disgusting wealth on the back of his cousin's filched contracts after her spell as Health Secretary. I've no great love for any of them, including Bojo. However the vitriol from the media makes me consider he's the man. Just as these same pathetic but nasty tactics got POTUS the job.

We can but hope the in your face, Maybot backed and even orchestrated venom gets to poison the perpetrators more than their victim. Let's make no mistake here. Hunt is made up of all the pliable, easy to control bits Cameron, a real coward that one, together with Maybot, which can be used to foul Boris's efforts and the will of those who just about trust his brexit credentials.

As for Boris not accepting SKY's "invitation". It would be, as was the Maitlis show, just another opportunity for the lickspittle media witches to try to boost their millions with a destruction of a senior Tory who wants brexit. I doubt Boris would consider Burley a problem but the plotting and voices in her earpiece he couldn't see or fight would be another matter.

If they have lined up "public" questioners I'd expect Penn, a "writer" few have ever heard of until now, asking questions. Just as good old "Auntie" Goebbels lined up a pair of Islamic leftards and hate speakers. Interested only in Boris and brexiteer bashing.

I expect that the Tory membership may well react to all this and the false, made up "opinion" poll utterings to galvanise, not damage, support for Bojo. Much as project fear did in 2016 and the following three years since. We shall see. One thing is certain Hunt will just be a PM that finishes May's job of destroying brexit despite the Tory Party being wrecked along with it.

Like the huge problems in France no mention in the media of the colossal shadow of the Brexit Party across all the machinations of LibLabCon failure and cheating of the 2017 election. As for France, a general strike over the weekend, a sparsely attended and hidden F1 crowd showed how this deep state, even in the modern world, can keep stuff hidden when they choose. At least until the lid comes off.

I do so wish we had a counter media force we could trust. Still maybe one day in the smoking ruins of the EUSSR a new dawn will break. As is said, hope springs eternal!


  1. The stop Boris campaign makes me all the more determined to vote for him. If the remainers hate him that much he will do for me. After all what alternative do we have, a reincarnated Mrs May or Mr Corbyn. What disgusting tactics to use and today the young lady Boris is dating has her flat surrounded by so called activists and she is scared to go home. They may even be forced to move by the militant left wing scum besieging their home. Some free country this is and where is the so called rule of law? Justice only available to those that vote the correct way and support the correct trendy causes in UK today, how far are we away from being a new version of the USSR? What next reeducation camps for those guilty of thought crimes?