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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The Trooping Of The Colours Of Our Politicians.

What A Terrible Bunch Of Wannabes.

The present parade of ghastly Establishment mass produced, garbage, kow towing to the media, cretinous and disappointing bunch we are having rammed down our throats. Not even the one seemingly strong Mcvey is prepared to say we will, under no circumstances, not leave the EUSR on the 31st of October. Everyone is cringe worthily saying, "It's now what we want but.....". The reality is a modern method of lies and mendacity designed to say the opposite of the real meaning behind their words.

When pushed as to how the MPs, themselves included, will never be allowed to properly negotiate a leave scenario, ever, they all squirm and smirk. "Oh, I'm so wonderful and honest. I will negotiate a new version of the WA of Mrs May. I'll just make sure it's cleaned up and made palatable in the short term." Such nasty, deceitful, power crazy and deluded scum.

Anyone who believes this crowd are fit for purpose is a fool. After three years of nasty, underhand and lying maneuvering, we are as trapped and enslaved as ever. One hope and one only, is that a weak, duplicitous buffoon is quickly installed in Number 10 and found wanting. As for sure that will be the case. Whoever gets this grimy chalice, the 31st will come and go and we will be no further forward. If not in a worse place as a dying Nation than hitherto.

One thing is left. A General Election which, if the Peterborough, culturally enriched voting fraud fails to influence the result, a new, vibrant age will dawn. A Party enter power born from a real one Nation democratic majority, designed to sweep away the deep state evil that pollutes our present existence.

 Once we do, if we do, break free and after a short couple of years of disruption, rise to the challenges a free, unshackled and sovereign Nation can achieve, the EUSSR will be finished. Italy for one will embrace the lira to be followed by others. Hence the might of evil and brutal nastiness to try and stop us. Hence the weak and pathetic Tory dregs pretending they can save us all. 

Well, if we lose it will not be from an honest, level playing field. The paucity of character, strength and leadership before us, in this ridiculous leadership contest, to decide who goes down with the MV Tory Titanic, is entertaining. However in no way is it edifying. A charade without meaning. A dance of motley fools. We and our history deserve better. I know of only one Party that might give us that which we once earnt. It's barely three months old.


  1. When you say the Tory party is a mess O R its very hard to disagree with you. Having said the the sight of the Labour front bench is truly chilling.

  2. It is very chilling. However in a GE the LibDums will take remainers, TBP the leavers, the UKIP few plus mass defections from the Tory side. Barring massive fraud, I believe what's left of the Tory vote and MPs will be enough to help TBP form a coalition of Brexiteers ergo a Parliamentary Brexit majority. The antisemitic Left out of power.

  3. I do so hope your right O R but ours is a marginal constituency and I fear The Brexit Party here will draw away votes from our solid brexiteer Tory MP and allow in one of Corbyn's minions.

  4. As the article mentions Peterborough an interesting point comes to mind. If a 2% majority is enough to give Labour a clear victory in Peterborough why is a 4% majority not enough in the referendum? Could we be looking at double standards in our UK politics?

    1. Without a doubt double standards are an endemic fault throughout western deep state dominance of today.