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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

The Remoaners Are Losing.

Hence The Vitriol And Blitzkrieg Attacks.

So far Boris is making the ghastly, deep state troops look somewhat deranged and ridiculous. Thus expect a rampant, out of control couple more weeks of the idiocy. So far, so good. The fools lost with Trump. They lost the referendum but gave us this without any scrutiny or care.

Now we are being told we have to have another remainer, liar and privileged, fraudster to carry on destroying our Nation on the altar of a Fourth Reich.

Well, if this creep is forced on us by filthy means, the outcome will leave only one person left worth voting for. 



  1. Looking not bad at this stage.

    1. The very obvious dirt throwing at BJ may possibly be a good sign, they really don't want him to prosper.
      I don't know if he's a vengeful man but I certainly hope he is.

  2. I think we have yet to see the depths the remainers will sink to to defy democracy. Already we are seeing threats to bring down the government if Boris wins and unbelievably from his own party. So called Conservative MPs who are so arrogant they think they are so wonderful they will always reelected. If their local associations have any regard for democracy they will deselect them.

  3. Gutter politics a la the USA. It was inevitable. All that is shit on that side of the pond wings it way here eventually.
    TheGrauniad this morning was doing it's usual dirty tricks on Boris,
    Headline : Boris say its a million to one against no deal"
    He actually said t's a million to one against no deal because neither side wants no deal so I believe they'll change position if we show we're serious about no deal"

    Headline does quite match the facts does it? What a surprise.

    Polls narrow Boris' lead over Hunt. When you drill down that's a poll of everyone, including the people who don't get to vote. It's a bit different when you look at the actual Tory members

    I fucking despair...