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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

The New Leader Of The Brexit Party.

Her Maj Nails Her Colours To The Mast.

Let's get this straight off. The Queen's outfits are meticulously chosen, no doubt with HM having a mega input as to that which she chooses at any occasion. Now not only was her outfit virtually unmentioned by the deep state mouthpieces across our TV screens. 

Also when pictures from yesterday were freely available, any discussion chose, it appears, 2017 pictures of their meeting then. Puerile and laughable. If I had the dosh I'd fly thousands of leftard characters as baby blimps across the UK. A darn sight more accurate that's for sure!

Suffice to say the lack of mention of HM's Brexit outfit and the desperate use of her 2017 wear is funnier than any ignorant blimp. Seemed, there, the fools were short of helpers to fellate this expensive bit of polluting, plastic rubber, compared to the same boring crap of 2017.

As for the constant reference to "our divided Nation". The whole point of democratic governance is the absolute requirement that a majority vote is sacrosanct. When that fails to resonate and thus fails
 to rule decisions, anarchy and division do rise to the fore. When encouraged by a deep state propaganda machine of total media control, as we now are witnessing, albeit with difficulty, in France, violent oppression, by a tame riot police gestapo, is used.

So with Tracey May's now very tainted and deceitful history, Corbyn wedded to Marxist brutality, violent opposition and salivating over potential violent demonstrations across the UK.  As only communist obsession with totalitarian rule can grab such power, the visit of President Trump is a refreshing diversion.

His, President Trump's, views on Khan are not diplomatic but when set alongside Khan's 2017 stirring of demonstrations across London and his permission for that ridiculous blimp in Parliament Square, one has to admire the President's aplomb in not being goaded even more than he has been. Khan and Corbyn are looking more ridiculous than their target. 

Their allegiances to terrorists and despots from Saudi to Ireland, Palestine to Scotland, is a disgrace that places President Trump way above anything their little minds can muster. As for where we go from here, let's have a muse.

Peterborough goes to the polls in two days time. If the EU faux and stupid election result is repeated, a Party, whose colours were displayed by our Queen, just yesterday and is barely two months in existence, might get their first MP. If this not only happens but he secures a big majority, our freedom from the Federal States of Europe, the EUSSR, will be a bit closer.

It would, of course, scare Labour as much as the Tories. The latter likely to engineer another closet remainer in Tracey's image. That includes, I feel, all but, to date, Esther Mcvey. She, for me, the only contender I trust to do the right thing and take us out at Halloween. The others, all wimps in May's clothing. We shall see.

In the meantime I intend to revel in the ever more childish and spiteful antics of the freely unemployed leftards and LibDum crowd protesting somewhat weakly their tantrums at the fact their opponent is more of a character and leader than they could ever muster. Every utterance they make full of hypocrisy. Such as not a word when Obummer  ordered us to vote remain or deported 3 million illegals, in his time.

Likewise the lack of any feminist or leftist spite against that serial abuser, Bill the Bully Clinton. So bring it on you losers. The Right's right human instinct for self preservation and protection of their own first, is on the march. The moral high ground still their's after decades of attempts to wrestle it away. Why do I say that? 75 years ago that moral high ground was able to free Europe of its occupation by one of the most brutal dictators ever known. That we may have lost the peace to our own deep state, so far, is another matter.

That we voted to leave the EUSSR and President Trump was elected in 2016 were "D" days of their own. Long may they survive and thrive. As I write this post Mrs OR was, for she, unusually, watching BBC news. So taken with the rag tag and bobtail of the sparse number of demonstrators trudging downcast through the rain, she called me through. It was a joy to behold. 

Likewise the frosty atmosphere between Tracey and POTUS. Worse, I suggest, for she. I suspect POTUS was well aware of her devotion to her bosses in The EU and her being happy to support their antipathy and money grubbing attitudes to American defense costs for NATO. Add to that HM in her Brexit Party outfit and Tracey's sickly tenure still, in Number 10, I have little sympathy for her. Sadly, I fear, her successor may well be little different.


  1. Mr Trump is here to mark the 75th anniversary of D day and the childish antics of the protesters have shamed us all. Had it not been for the help of the USA we and most of Europe could well now be part of greater Germany and then there would be no protests at all about anything and no free speech either. Those of us who remember the Falklands war know only too well how much help or support you will get from Europe when the chips are down, none at all! In a dangerous and ever changing world its not a bad idea to remember who your real friends are. Its also not a bad idea to remember had it not been for extreme aggression from Germany D day and its terrible loss of life would never have been needed.

  2. An excellent comment, Anon, thank you.