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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

The Deep State Candidate For PM.

Son Of Tess.

Bunter Boulton and the rest of the deep state media, the BBC probably the most unpleasant, at our expense, tell us Stewart's ridiculous and embarrassing campaign stunts have given him momentum. Well as far as he has put his head above the other slime in the swamp, yes. As we see above. He's only visible because Tess The Treacherous is underneath him, so he does have a sort of momentum.

With luck all this propaganda and hopeful thinking by the deep state and the EUSSR, no doubt already having signed a dated cheque for his £150.000 + hustings expenses, will have some of the slime, when he shakes his head to breathe, on their publicly pristine, deluded faces.

 MPs have some thinking to do. If Bojo is serious about leaving on Halloween he'll need a solid, true Brexit team. He'll need to either drain Maybot's personal swamp or chuck her acolytes in the main one. One thing is for sure, Gove and his pretend leave ilk will need to be gone. 

The MSM ,suggesting he needs that Brutus backstabber Gove, are just hoping like mad they can keep some remain spy in the  proceedings. We've had three years of betrayal and nastiness to date. All from the remain side. Let's see how a genuine, full on brexiteer Government gets to handle truth, honesty and democracy. Couldn't be any worse.

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  1. Quite right O R Stewart has no chance of making it into No 10. He is the "you wish" candidate for remain and to be honest I don't know what he thinks he is up to. Even if he makes it to the final vote the members will reject a remainer like him out of hand and no new PM in their right mind would want a snowflake remainer in the cabinet at a time like this. It could be vanity self promotion or maybe he thinks he will be 1st in line for leader of the shattered remnants of the party if it fails to deliver brexit.