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Sunday, 30 June 2019

The Choice Of The Remain Mafia.

Says It All, Really!

I hope the creator of this photo shop is OK with my using it. Brilliant to say the least and I did try to get permission but have lost the provenance. Have a great Sunday, folks. GE beckons ere long!


  1. I do see the misleading polls published by left wing media saying Hunt is doing well but they are a load of rubbish. If you ask the right questions in the right place (outside a Labour club?) you will get the answer you require. Polls of the paid up Conservative members who are the only ones that can vote show Boris with a big lead at the moment. What happens after that is anyone's guess but we have more chance of a real brexit with Boris so he will get my vote and those of many others I believe. Have a good Sunday O R and thanks for another interesting week of postings.

  2. Nigel Farage on the Candace Owens show, enjoy .

  3. Procedural question...... When the GE comes as it may well do soon. What happens if no party has an overall majority and the Con's & TBP form an alliance, but TBP has more MP's than the Con's. Where does that put Farage ?

  4. I think your scenario falls well within the bounds of possibility and with the drumbeat of the Brexit Party getting louder every day we could well need a Conservative Brexit Party alliance. To answer your question Nigel would be PM and Boris Deputy PM I guess. As a member of the Conservative party its a very sad state of affairs but its been imposed on us by the party in Westminster and Mrs May. Out here in the real world the grassroots are nothing like the party in Westminster and I hope Boris is elected and gives us a real brexit and the party a future which we will not have with Hunt.