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Monday, 10 June 2019

Rag, Tags and Bobtails.

Barely An Honest Cove Amongst Them.

Unedifying and sickening. This Tory/PM contest has descended into a Public display of all we, for decades, have watched with nausea the decline in the political classes. The expenses scandal, I suggest, was the pinnacle of our realisation as to how even worse than our worst fears as to these cretinous MPs, were now common knowledge.

Both Houses of Parliament are now a disgrace. Populated with diminished, often criminally inclined, grasping, made in the image of the EUSSR bunch, we are no longer served but abused by this whole class. Even the odd seemingly OK individual fails close scrutiny where the lights shone on them are seeking probity, courage of convictions and genuine preparedness to represent their electorates before their own, often flawed, bigoted or greedy ambitions.

This ridiculous talk of excusing criminal activity of the past just doesn't wash. You can't claim naivety of youth as reason for making "errors" of judgment then, go all out to worship the votes of 18 year olds as somehow paramount. albeit hypocrisy and convenient morality seems to go hand in hand throughout our Establishment. Mandarins of the Civil Service perhaps the worst of a very bad ruling elite.

This Brexit mess was an underhand nastiness by this Establishment to stop us leaving that equally loathsome and proven corrupt EUSSR. Tracy May as gross and ill serving PM as we have ever known. Yet this parade of her many Cabinet or ex cabinet members is one featuring heavily the same underhand agenda allegiances May wallowed in. Fawning and forelock tugging, begging subservience to Merkel and Brussels.

The promised rewards wealth and deep state approval the goal of most if not all these May clones seeking the top job. Hunt, was remain now a brexiteer. Yeah, right. Just as was purported May's credentials. A bare faced lie. In Hunt's case, as in May's, a coterie of Rudds now forming to give us an identical, remain, bumbling administration of gutless, fawning remainers.

Well, despite the reluctance to stop the kind of ever growing vote fraud, almost certainly such as we witnessed in Peterborough, the Brexit Party is now firmly with its tanks parked on the remain cabals lawns. That includes the antisemitic, weed infested Labour turf. So entrenched in their imported, Muslim millions, of gerrymandered electorates, the tendency for vote rigging embedded in their cultures is a gift to the unscrupulous power at any cost, modern UK system. Once so revered, now a swamp full of excrement, fraud, hubris and greed.

I doubt there is one candidate good enough, strong enough and decent enough to get us out of the EUSSR cleanly and totally. Despite the Article 50 provisions for a WTO status quo, to allow a departure after two years of talks and then continued trade negotiations, these protocols are ignored. So ignored because they mean a Nation, i.e. at the moment, the UK, cannot be allowed to show the way forward, to freedom,to others.

So apart from maybe Esther Mcvey, there is not one of the others I trust. Bojo's voting for May's ghastly enslavement deal, costing us our freedom, worse than as at present and forcing us to pay billions and billions of pounds to dig our own graves, speaks volumes. As does the EU clowns'  pathetic utterances as to no further discussions on the ""Treaty" already signed by Tracy.

Every Candidate, bar Ms Mcvey, looks slippery, dishonest, cocaine ridden and addled. Such is our Establishment today. Bunter Boulton scorning a Candidate this very morning for not indulging at the dinner party gatherings, so beloved of the chatterati London set. Bunter's demeanour blatantly suggesting he has and does. That drug use and abuse is entrenched in our deep state's foot soldiers speaks volumes as to why we have the mess we're in.

We so need change. Only one man and one Party is offering real change. I despised Farage's sabotage of UKIP and in particular his alienation of Anne Marie Waters. His denial, in public, of the Muslim grooming gang horrors and vote rigging. Sadly he's had to be quiet on these issues for want of avoiding the politically correct backlash. No more so than from the other Parties prepared to sell their Nation to an abysmal culture of homophobic, misogynistic, brutal ideology.

Still, this "contest" remains popcorn worthy. The first salvos from the pop gun, squabbling kids this evening. The fixes and underhand nastiness we now realise is endemic to our mainstream deep state swamp dwellers will be in full cry. Our lives and futures dependent, seemingly, on the shoulders of whoever wins this debacle. Don't bet against a turncoat, lying clone of Tracy. Hunt just one of most.

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  1. Many of our MPs now regard themselves as members of the ruling classes. As such they have little if any regards for those they see as the lower classes except from at election time (fraud excepted) when they need votes to sustained their lifestyle. No surprises here that's how the ruling classes have behaved in UK since time immemorial.