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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Notice A Glaring Point Of Today's Commemorations?

Patriotic Loyalties.

I have found these commemorations, in the main, moving but have shuddered at some of them. Celia Imrie's delivery yesterday was as if she were a reluctant teacher addressing kids and trying to pretend all was sweetness and light. The attempt to recreate "normal" life at the time ludicrous. It was a nightmare of death and loss, fear and horror.

I couldn't better these excellent sentiments. All I will say is the contributions from the leftard nasties and their Leader in Chief, Corbyn sums up much of what Dioclese writes. That we already have a whiff of capitulation of Brexit from the Tory band of hopefuls, Bojo included, already has a growing stench of surrender many sought in appeasing Adolf in the 30s.

Let us hope those who understand loyalty to one's own, be it family or Tribe, is a deep set human and animal instinct for survival. We ignore these instincts at our peril and create a festering fear that can quickly lead to anger and then violent expression. These commemorations should remind us all, survival can depend on loyalty to others of similar mind and the need to unite when threatened. Often by a common enemy.

As I wrote on Diocle's comment pages, I am also astounded at the lack of mention of all those Commonwealth soldiers and Nations. People we still owe a great debt of gratitude to and who have done more for the UK than ever the EUSSR has done. Lest we forget, indeed.

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  1. As we remember the terrible losses incurred by the allies can we also remember why they were needed. The cause was ruthless ambition, greed and a desire to conquer all of Europe by Germany and her allies. Now the EU wants us to give up our ability to defend ourselves and a European armed forces will look after us. We must be insane to be even contemplating such an arrangement have we learned nothing from the lessons of the last two world wars?