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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

If Boris Wins.

We'll Be Rid Of These Traitors And Their Devious Betrayals.

Given the majority of Tory members' brexit leanings and Hunt's prancing May like steps, "delay brexit", remain credentials I can see why Bojo's team wanted Hunt as their opponent.

Add that the leavers of the LibDums and Labour are as vulnerable in a general Election as a Hunt led Tory Party, I see little, bar fraud, to stop Boris. Told you and I repeat, popcorn futures the way to go!


  1. I agree O R Boris is our best hope of breaking free of the EU in any meaningful way. Having seen what the remain anti Democratic faction is capable of though I suggest we are about to be treated to the most despicable display of vile innuendo and spin we have ever seen. I don't think the party membership will be taken in by such a display but it might cost Boris his relationship with his lady friend and will be a terrible trial for him. That I'd what the snakes and liars of the left have reduced our political scene to, what a disgrace our so called free country has become.

  2. Jeremy Hunt. I look no further than the rhyming of his name.
    To paraphrase "There's something of the shite about him"

    I'm awaiting my ballot paper so I can put a cross next to Boris...

  3. Thank you guys. I'm no longer a member since the expenses scandals. However, as you know, only Boris, with Nige's shadow towering over the old guard of nastiness, is the best chance of leaving. I rather detect a degree of defeatism from Brussels, too.

  4. Hello O R, On the subject of Nigel I don't think its an impossible dream that if Boris is forced into an early general election he will seek a pact with the Brexit Party. Such a pact would be certain to have a considerable majority in the house. This would relegate Labour to 3rd place and guarantee a proper Brexit. Wins all round if we are lucky.