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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Demoralising Crap.

Worse Than I Could Gave Imagined.

The out and out victor last night was here. After a boring, unbelievably atrocious and utter waste of time only one thing shone out of that cringe worthy debacle of an hour of BBC idiocy. That we paid money for a broadcaster who produced this shite is beyond credibility of being a right and proper use of cash and tax resources.

If anything of value came out of it is that not one of these morons can win an election based on the same mendacity of last evening. The whole time only one thing united them all. A belief that the same promises to deliver brexit and behave as servants of the people trotted out for public consumption would be believed.

It was exactly as we experienced in 2017 GE hustings. Except that those same approaches and promises were found out as a brexit electorate, by a huge margin promised freedom, were dragged into a remain dominated Parliament. Thereafter,  for another wasted two years, Tracy May lied too the skies whilst surrendering us into the arms of the Fourth Reich.

Last evening was a blatant display of the fact that not one of those people had the guts to guarantee our leaving on Halloween. The fact that the WTO mechanism has been available the very day following the referendum has been constantly ignored. It was last evening. A hateful bunch who act and speak whilst appearing to know of some apocalypse our leaving the EUSSR is promised.

We need a General Election now. ASAP. An election supervised by strict oversight and delivering the result fairly. Under those circumstances and after seeing the wimps on parade before the headmistress and dominatrix they all salivated over, only one winner would emerge. The Brexit Party. Nothing other than that will see us get out of the bear trap that is the EUSSR.


  1. To look on the bright side (if there is one) at least the rambling fantasist Rory Stewart has been eliminated from the contest. Not much but in today's world we need to take what comfort we can get.

  2. Mr Hunt is a remainer, he has tried to be all things to all men by dropping the odd crumb to the brexit camp but he is a remainer without a doubt. I would suggest that if we want any chance at all of democracy being upheld we have no choice but to vote for Boris. He may not be ideal but he is our best chance to escape from the grasp of the EU.