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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Be Thankful For Small Mercies.

This Gross, Anti UK Woman Is Soon To Be Gone.

I loathed this woman's duplicity and efforts to keep us trapped in the EUSSR. Her departure grandstanding is serving only to realise how low her disastrous years in Office have left her successor a very low bar to raise. Indeed BJ, set against her duplicitous mendacity and deliberate success in preventing our departure from the 4th Reich, will look a genuine statesman and leader. 

Alternatively we might be landed with her spiritual lickspittle, J. Cnut. That would be a swift vacation from a frying pan for sure. Sorry, I don't mean to spoil this lovely weekend's weather. So just concentrate on Maybot's obvious discomfort at being sacked.


  1. My dad fought at D Day and Arnheim (Royal Tank Regiment) and something he really hated was the use of collective war memory for political purposes. No-one has the right to incorporate the "sacrifices" (soldiers never call it that though) of WW2 to their parochial little point of view. By the way I support Brexit so don't even go there.

  2. Wow unknown, we are in bad mood today. O R clearly says these are his own thoughts so if you don't like them why bother to come here? A little less coffee before you post might help, calm down dear.

  3. Unknown, 1633, war, dear boy, is always brought about by political failure. The two are intertwined as demonstrations of human failure and hubris. WW2 was justifiable only when the true evil of Nazi Germany developed. Hitler's rise to power was on the back of post WW1 political failure.
    Anon, thank you for educating Unknown on the principles of blog output! Your kind support most welcome.

  4. @ Unknown
    Firstly, from the tone of your post I doubt you are a Brexit supporter.
    Many of us had parents who fought in ww2 but few of us claim that gives us the "right" to lay down the law as to what "parochial little point of view" may expressed.
    Lastly, I believe that header has been in use for a while, and I doubt your motive for attacking OR's use of it·