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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

A Dilemma.

How On Earth Can We Trust Any MP?

The failure of our erstwhile Parliament and the phenomenal deep state bombardment of sour grapes at losing, has left the United Kingdom in a very bad place. One the EUSSR is very happy to witness, promote and exploit. For their own long term goal of a Federal Europe and a subjugated, weakened UK. I suspect the break up of the UK is very much a part of that agenda. Sturgeon very much in this pursuit.

Behind these machinations lies an unspoken set of thoughts that in essence are the deep seated nastiness and vitriol directed particularly at all things English. I've no idea if it is long gone historical perceived grievances, racist antipathy or what it is  fuelled by. That it is there I have no doubt. This elephant in the room has a perfect place to hide. Brexit. How often are we reminded that it was and is the majority desire to leave of the English and the Welsh. That Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to leave.

That latter argument of course demands we suspend the idea of a United Kingdom. Only, of course, when it suits. When largess from the pockets of English tax payers is required, suddenly the mood music is changed. Temporarily.

The point of my preamble is this. I have considered Boris Johnson a doubtful individual to trust with the Office of PM. In my book Esther Mcvey is far more my cup of tea. However her chances are slim to say the least. Of the others, bar Bojo, I consider all less than trustworthy. Especially those who voted for May's third attempt to push her ghastly, Merkel dictated treaty down our throats in an exercise so duplicitous it was apparent to the whole Nation. Even though I know Boris did too.

Given the thoughts racing round my head, my joy at the success of the Brexit Party and its fantastic pressure brought to bear on the clowns in Parliament, I half hoped Bojo would fail, the October 31st leave date be extended and a General Election sweep away Tories and Labour. The rump of remainers consigned to the LibDums. However the risks attached to this thinking are great.

Not least that Corbyn's gross Marxists could seize control. Unlike the odds for a successful, post brexit Britain, a post Corbyn victory would be truly disastrous. Their usual targets the likes of myself. Someone wedded to hard work, self reliance and care for ones nearest and dearest before others. A conservative with a natural decency to help, not all and sundry but the deserving, unfortunate and ill served by life. After taking care of those close.

So, given all the foregoing machinations I was keen to hear Boris Johnson's pitch. I was fascinated by his speech, that the Attorney General, Cox, was in his corner and then very taken with Johnson's confidence when he took on the press mewls. For all the bile and powerful spite heaped upon him by mostly deep state lackeys, including many remain Tory MPs, I found his leadership opening remarks uplifting and inspiring.

For the first time since, in 2016, when he came out for brexit, I was able to say to myself just maybe he really is the man we need. If only for the vast number of remain numpties like Uriah Hammond's chagrin and anger being stared out. That and someone able to strike a degree of respect from Laura Kuenssberg and her fellow packs of wild dogs that are today's deep state foxhounds.

So there we have it. Quite a dilemma. I guess we just have to wait and see what unfolds. As for brexit. Well if the 31st exit is again extended I see no other option but a General Election. My biggest fear there is election fraud. In a fair, properly scrutinised ballot then I would have no qualms. If brexit not a fact, then The Brexit Party would in all likelihood, clean up. 

If we have left under WTO Article 50 provisions, required to be forced through by a prepared Johnson Government, I would expect Labour and the LibDums to fare very badly indeed, splitting their vote of remainers to the advantage of a Government which will have honoured our referendum result of 2016. 

Time will tell. I and many others, I suspect, will have to live with our dilemmas until then. The biggest of which is who can we trust?


  1. i subscribe to YouGov and they just sent me a very interesting survey. Amongst several question around Brexit and the Tory Leadership fiaco, they asked me to rank the candidates in order of preference.

    Some were east (Boris at the top, Gove at the bottom) but it really made me think - especially as I am a party member and will be voting in the final members ballot.

    Also interesting were the question about whether we should leave with or without a deal and the consequences paired with each in varying combinations

    But the best one was would you prefer a Tin Man as leader (all brains and no heart) or a Lion (all heart and no brains). I'll leave you to ponder that...

    1. East? I meant 'easy' of course.
      Bloody spealchucker...!

  2. I lean towards the heart. Maybot was neither heart or brains, of course. Plasticine.

  3. It now looks like Boris is our best hope of achieving brexit in any meaningful way. True if they came to power a Brexit Party government would be very interesting but the chances of that are slim. When it comes to a general election the voters will probably return to the traditional parties. Given that situation I will be supporting Boris as he, warts and all, is our best hope both of brexit and avoiding the disaster of another Labour government.