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Monday, 27 May 2019

What Does It Take?

To Remove This Child's Toy From The Media Kindergartens?

Note the sparce discussion on Marie Le Pen's victory over Mad Macron. About as much as any coverage on the police gestapo tactics against his own people. The real EU in action. I watched the drama of these unnecessary elections unfold until past two in the morning. Almost as joyous to observe as the referendum victory was. Dimbledum's face replaced by the equally down in the gob, Edward's!

It does appear that the kiddies had their spinning tops already on the go and I suspect Tracy's performance Friday morning was partly down to some inside knowledge that the Brexit Party were indeed on track to annihilate the remain Tory bunch. Likewise the electorate, albeit only 37% against 72% in 2016's referendum, also trashed Labour. Another FACT also not painted on the spinning tops of Bunter Boulton and Co's deep state media spin offerings was of 10 regions declared, 9 were won by the Brexit Party. An inconvenient truth if ever there was one.

What did seem to have traction is that where turnout was high it tended to be for remainers. That many leave supporters chose not to vote, is a significant factor, since it still was a superior and massive victory for a six week old leave Party. So spin as they might, nothing could hide the grins on my face as massive wins popped up for TBP. In local as opposed to regional results, we saw frequent 40% plus wins, despite the purported reduction in leavers turning up.

A FACT suggesting leave absenteeism may also be that For Britain Party chose not to enter the election and that would possibly have increased the leave presence as would a higher leave turnout for sure, have given TBP an even greater number of votes. Still, I must endeavour not to start looking for my own childhood spinning wheel!

For those of us who loathe the EUSSR and its corrupt, undemocratic dictatorship and mass immigration mantras, it was a fantastic night. Tracy and her remain cohorts were annihilated, Corbyn's Commies thrashed soundly and "Bollocks To Brexit" Libdums barely half the vote of a six week old Party! The FT chart looks like it was a draw but in reality it was a rout by one Party. Not forgetting it's six week only existence.

Furthermore several of its senior members are business people with far greater insight into commerce than the career politicians roundly trashed last night. The anger of the majority from 2016 was given vent at the beginning of May and then again last Thursday. For all the spinning and monotonous repetition  of the remain establishment and the powerful deep state, still the people who really understand the corruption and stagnant state of Western failing democracy, scored a resounding victory.

That's two battles in less than one month won. The war may drag on, the deep state find ever more devious and nasty stunts to corral the human race but history always shows how empires all fall, eventually. So well done UK leave voters, a great night and a joyous blow for democracy. As for the BTB LibDums, bollocks to you!

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  1. Well O R a great night indeed but it stretches all belief to read what is being said in some places. Same old spin, same old smoke, same old mirrors, same old heads I win tales you lose. Whoever said truth is the first casualty of any war must have foreseen the duplicitous nature of the remain campaign coming. Anyway for now let's raise a glass to another step along the road to freedom, cheers.