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Friday, 3 May 2019

Well Into The Local Results.

The MSM Unsure How To Spin.

The Mad Witch May says, "Ballot result is people saying get on with it. (Brexit)" That from a stupid, gross idiot who has delayed it by three years and stopped us "getting on with it" after 108 abstract statements we were leaving on the 29th of March. Talk about fiddling while her Empire burns around her bootees.

The result, as I write, shows her lot 925 seats down and likely to pass 1000. That's not "getting on with anything" it's a resounding "fuck of woman". We want a WTO Brexit NOW! Just watch the wriggling to try and avoid the 23rd joke election now. Again, no getting on with it except nasty plotting behind closed doors. Probably in Brussels.

Now 944 seats down and falling. Some say how sorry they are for those losing their nice little earners and perks  and some will deserve a little sympathy. Others say, however, local political movements have, from whichever Party, let down democracy in keeping their National cohorts in Office and betraying democracy in stopping our leaving the EUSSR on the 29th of March.

Despite the MSM spin, of the significant "Others" who have won seats, many are new to the fray. "For Britain" in particular. Behind the scenes and despite an Establishment effort to block this party, they have done very well. Come the 23rd, assuming the cowardly lot plotting in Westminster to stop this ballot, the real venom will be released as leave supporters and many, many converts, will take revenge and have the means to do so.

Unlike yesterday, there will be a much greater opportunity to vote for democratic leave candidates and the LibDum boasters and their Green counterparts will feel the wrath every bit as much as they are smirking today. When all's said and done, local Councils are as much if not more under the yolk of EU dictatorship and regulations as the Central crowd. Rubbish collection and disposal yet another stealth tax to pay the perks of that commissariat led by the Germans, that is the EUSSR.

In the euphoria of the prosecco, champagne substitute,  LibDum mob of dubious history, (Cyril  Smith and co), let alone the fled Clegg, these cretins are just like the devastated loser ConLab of today. Smug, ignorant and stupid. Poland, Hungary, Germany and France are now very, very much at odds with the Brussels Gestapo. The brutality of the EU Gendarme's Tunisian Brigades on the streets of France should be a warning to all EUSSR lovers.

Sadly it would take this Gestapo on UK streets to get even a nod of understanding by those in thrall to the deep state. If said secret cabals don't wheedle Mad May and her new lover, Corbyn, into cancelling the 23rd and stitching us up with that vassal WA treaty, the next level will be to attempt to create violence in order to finish the takeover of the UK. All seems very familiar does it not?

Anyhow, back to these votes. Now 40, yes 40, Councils lost and over 1000 seats by May's Tories. Still she dad dances onto a stage and delivers meaningless, deluded drivel to her planted sycophants. Or some of them and the few offered inducements to attend and applaud, when so directed. It was like watching the Nuremberg trials. Sadly with no justice offered at the end, though. Albeit for once she did look as though she believed she's not Joan of Arc, for once.

As for her "simple message". That was pure spin mixed with her usual dollop of delusion. Sure it was a simple message, as I wrote above. The rest of the Month will be pretty nasty to watch as she finds, with her ghastly minders from the Mandarin cess pits, ways to make absolutely sure we get imprisoned in the EUSSR Gulags. 

Because if hell were to freeze over, or the Tories found guilty of genocide, she'll still be there, jerking to the string pulling of her puppeteers and pretending her dad dancing is special and endearing. I really cannot understand how she's still in place. Other than she is so controlled and ransomed to the deep state she can't be shifted. Still, as I wrote, a few days ago, popcorn futures are through the roof and yesterday didn't reduce the demand! Wow, 1124 now lost seats! This the rout Mad May and most of her weakling MPs deserve.

Note her aura of defeat here. Hope it lasts. Also the very few who chanted at the guy for being honest.


  1. It is with respect to ORs views. I must say that when we were working ourselves into the ground for leave votes before the referendum the few Conservative councillors we have here worked hard alongside us. They did much more for brexit than Ukip who did next to nothing here prefering to navel gaze around here. We are cursed with many fools in Westminster but at a local level the Conservatives are near to despair with them. Please remember it is the Chairs of the local associations that are now trying to sack May after the 1922 committee didn't have the courage to do its job.

  2. Hi, I have good friends who lost their seats locally. Yet I can't understand why she's still in Office. Something, including the shit media is very wrong. Her response was so deluded or she just doesn't give a shit. The latter but why I know that.

  3. You may not have heard about this OR, but a high court case has just been mounted to sue Theresa May and the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, by Robin Tillbrook, chairman of the English Democrats and a former appeals court judge. By law, WE LEFT THE EU ON WTO TERMS on 29th March. So we are already out, in a legal sense. Bet you've not heard about that on the BBC, or any of the mainstream media for that matter. I think the Telegraph and the Daily Wail mentioned it once. Some interesting reading for you:

    Spread this news as far as you can. It is the only chance we have of a real and proper exit from the EU.

  4. Ripper, thank you for the kind effort in commenting. Yes, I did pick up the Tillbrook case via twitter. An incredible legal argument and of course the deep state need to keep stum. What a contrast to the Gina Miller frenzy!

  5. Hello OR,
    Mrs May is still in office because we have a remainer majority sitting in Westminster. They are full of their own importance and do not give a dam what we ordinary people want. After all they are the great and the good who know best so democracy is only available to us when we agree with our betters (arguably it was ever thus). As a daily reader of your postings may I disagree with just one point which is that Mrs May is deluded? She knows exactly what she is doing, she was put in place to destroy brexit and she is doing just that. She is happy to destroy the Conservative party, UK democracy and her own career in order to stay in the EU. She is a ruthless traitor in my opinion who should be put into the tower for what she has done. I wonder how much 30 pieces of silver is worth these days?

  6. My apologies. I totally agree, Anon, she's doing that for which she was placed in high office to do, as you rightly say. Her delusion is she believes she'll be loved for being a Judas.