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Sunday, 19 May 2019

We Really Are In A Groundhog Movie.

Not Anywhere Near As Entertaining, Though.

When two such individuals as these are paraded as our representatives, ones heart sinks. Last week May was supposedly in tears. Today she's writing in the Sunday Times as though she's just won a massive landslide General Election. You know, like she believes she did in 2017. 

For both this pair, brexit is not to be allowed to happen. This ridiculous sell out deal, costing hundreds of billions more borrowed or taxed UK money we just cannot afford, will, God willing, destroy the main Parties. However we can be sure the deep state won't give in easily. At least, next Thursday, we can give them a massive humiliation.

My hope is that turnout will be huge and the leave support show the true level of hatred for that corrupt, nasty crowd in Brussels. The slavish scum in thrall to Merkel and her obsession to create a new, Islamic Europe, ruled by her chosen few. Just off to the shops for more popcorn. have a great Sunday and an even, I wonder if, fantastic next Friday!

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