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Friday, 17 May 2019

This Is Really Looking Very Positive.

Not For Change UK Idiots, Though!

This could also be substituted for Mad May in front of her Tory bus. Either way if you consider the empty Change UK meetings with the packed Brexit Party, this image does rather seem to be the fate of the Minority losing folk from 2016's referendum right now. A further image can be found here, If this isn't convincing, checkout the next link. 

See the item shown circa 13 hours ago of the Ilford meeting. Or pop over to the Guardian's resume of this disparate and desperate career ended failures! Including the nonsensical clown Rachel Johnson failing in a remain heartland! Oh brexit is really coming alive. Despite the EU's attempts to shut debate down and pretend all in Fantasy Euroland is just perfect.

That is except for the spin and propaganda failing the deep state as never before. France ablaze, Macron's gestapo getting evermore brutal. One day this violence will be turned back against the storm troopers. probably not even French. or if they are deserve to be charged with human rights violations and then some.

Back to the UK. Given the supposed strength of the remain voters, stupidly called by Kellner, this morning as a small majority of 54% to 46% of his chosen electorate, we must begin to doubt the actual remain numbers. Not least when we observe the powerful rise of The Brexit Party, it's massed crowds attending standing room only meetings and the number of opinion polls' ratings. 

If "Bollocks to Brexit" Cable is the only viable opposition then we really are in uncharted waters. Deselection of remain MPs, who masqueraded so shamelessly in 2017, as leave supporters, looks either very likely. Or their departure from their £250,000 a year , expense fiddling, gross nastiness     
sinecures in a General Election look very possible.

They've been outed as liars from the 2017 Election. Yvette "home flipper for dosh" Cooper looks to be a lead figure of many who can expect the kind of treatment we can hope is coming to many MEPs next Thursday. I do hope so.

Meanwhile the media are salivating over May's potentially humiliating fall from Office. I'll believe it when I see it. She's the EUSSR's favoured sister and undercover wrecker of brexit. They'll be desperate to hang on to her. As will Robbins and his mates in the Mandarin ranks. Plus the remain cabal within the Parliamentary Party will fear a Brexiteer PM taking us out.

Afterall a new PM and a leave Cabinet can surely tell the EU lot we are not waiting until Halloween. Just say Article 50 and its inbuilt WTO Treaty are to be invoked immediately since parliament has failed to endorse any alternative. May's treachery in not taking us out on March 29th can be argued was not within her gift after Article 50 was passed.

Come what may, pun alert there, I was right about popcorn sales! In fact, if May is dragged out by her leopard shin shoes, kicking and screaming, which we can't guarantee, the entertainment levels will soar astronomically more! Brexit could, then, still happen. That and Chukka and Soubry be down the job center, to add sugar to the cream.


  1. As always the bigger the lie the more people will believe it. Even the name Change UK is a lie they want everything to stay the same! I do agree about Mrs. May, who can believe anything she says after so may broken promises? She will cling to power with the support of the remainers and the 1922 committee just as long as they think she can destroy brexit. What a shame we don't put traitors in the tower anymore she would make a great cell mate for Blair and Brown.

  2. How refreshing to have a chance at striking back against the treachery we've been enduring. Roll on the 23rd and forward to a GE with TBP
    Seems the conservatives are hoping BJ will save their bacon, though less obvious than the traitor May,I still think he's a phony.

  3. I am with you on Bojo, RAC. Indeed I'm beginning to doubt every single one of them. JRM included. We should have left on the 29th under the treaty rules that WTO would be the trading option whilst discussions then took place. From a position of strength.