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Monday, 13 May 2019

Still Buying Popcorn.

Marmite Nige Is Becoming A Desirable, Acquired Taste.

I have had my own issues and disappointment with Nigel Farage in the past. However when I see the barrage of spite and invective now being combined to destroy his re-appearance and the Brexit Party, like millions of others, I'm appalled and disgusted. Horrified at the collusion of people who fail to recognise the anger and despair of the UK population at the Establishment's self interested lunacy.

Hi runaway success at calling out the lackeys of the deep state cancer of western modern more of greed and selfishness deserves not only full credit but full support. Dr Richard North bewails his popularity and lack of incisive understanding, as North perceives to be the case. Yet his present reincarnation is causing far and panic throughout the old die hards of nastiness as the way to govern.

Right now I cannot see any other individual to match his, Farage's charisma and the people gathered around him, to fight next week's ridiculous and expensive EU Parliament of fools. Politicians are never expert in any field, as a rule. Their role as leaders is to manage their Nation's organisation and legislative needs.

To whit, the apparent ease those in Office move from brief to brief. One day tidying pens at Defense the next presiding over crime ridden cess pits that pas for most of our major town and cities. All the while "guided" by multi millionaire Mandarin and that, generally, underground public Mafia like brutal ambition. 

Thus bureaucrats reign and brook little effort from elected representatives. Sniggering behind those banal MPs' and our backs. A class steeped in EUSSR corrupt deceit and dictatorship. The shock at a leave referendum victory a welcome kick up those arses. 

Sadly they recovered smartly and quickly engineered that gross woman, May, into Office. Thereafter we little people were required to suffer humility and begging bowl, expensive trips to Brussels a the conspirators cooked up how to keep us locked into this EUSSR nightmare of gangster, fraudsters and crooks.

So, Dr. North, forgive me if I gain some satisfaction from the panic abroad. If I enjoy watching Farage avoid the Soubry then Marr traps set to discredit him and bully him off the platform. We little folk need desperately change and democracy back in our lives. Only one man, right now, gives us any hope to fight back at the weasel in power. The Oily Robbins and the ghastly, unpleasant Jezza Heywood.

For now, the only thing that matters to millions of decent people across the UK is that of a self governing, proper democracy. To speak of Farage, as in the Guardian today, as presiding over a swamp when the swamp is all around us and spread across Europe and the Democrat's fiefdom of the USA. A swamp partially drained by President Trump. Another Marmite figure but still preferable to the deep state cretinous powerful 1%.

So keep up the brilliant work, Mr Farage. Make sure you promote and permit your excellent team of newly recruited colleagues plenty of limelight and reduce any suspicion of a one man band. You made such mistake at UKIP. Learn and do better, please, because as God be my witness, we need you to bring on board the other leave supporting people and Parties. For Britain Party and UKIP, chief among them. 

That swamp we have to drain will need many, many hands and buckets! 


  1. North is a dickhead.
    He banned me from his site for daring to argue with him. I gather I'm not alone : see and

    His son Peter is no better - see - he banned me too and called me an arrogant tosser. Takes one to know one.

    I'm a card carrying member of the Tory Party and a registered supporter of Brexit Party. The Tories have threatened me with revocation of my membership if I vote for Farage. Well, fuck 'em because my postal for the Brexit Party went in the post box this morning.

    I've already been expelled for a Tory Constituency AGM for daring to question the sitting MP who is so far up May's arse she's in danger of appearing through her mouth.

    They want to kick me out then bring it on. Brandon Lewis is a dickhead too. Fuck 'em and the horse they rode in on...

  2. Thank you Dioclese. We appear very much in tune as independent thinking people. I always feel North Snr expected a job as an EU Zsar with mega bucks and an invite to the "in" crowd. You know, the one fading by the second!

  3. The BBC must have spent a long time trawling the past in a desperate attempt to find something to trap Nigel with. In my opinion all they did was show Marr is no more than a script reader and the BBC is totally biased in favor of remain. What a disgrace for a public sector broadcaster supported by a tax on TV sets. I guess that's modern Britain a wholly owned province of the EU with a puppet government.

  4. When I went to put on a bet that the Brexit party would have the most votes in the Euro elections I was offered odds of 1/11. Says it all I think.

  5. Thank you warmly for the input, Anon.