Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

So Predictable.

So Boring.

You choose who you consider the three characters above represent. I'm torn between political names or individuals from their tame media bloodstock. From the former we could say Tracey, Jezza and Vincible Vince. From the media, Bunter Boulton, Mutton Maitlis or Taff Edwards. One thing that fits either selection is the outfits concocted from self important delusion.

Likewise all those, including Dr North, who with their impeccable knowledge of how millions of people think and feel, choose their own tortuous arithmetic and superior intellects to manipulate any scenario to fit their own requirements. They all have an air of belief in that their spin is somehow superior to the next person. The electorate purely indicators of how they have such a powerful and lofty position on all things.

Well, if I have a group of people gathered in my home and offer a choice of things to do but that the majority decision shall be accepted by all and my home my rules hold sway, we have a simple demonstration of democracy in action. So if in my gathering, 48 people say "play golf" and 52 say "get pissed" even if the latter is more risky and expensive, I am duty bound to go with getting pissed. That or send everybody home!

Well, last Thursday, we had a gathering to decide on what to do for the day. 32 folk said "get pissed",
18.5 "just be bored", 14 said "no idea what to do", 11 "defeat natural orders and be even more bored than the 18.5 others are", 8.7 just said "we're not playing" and followed 3.6 out the door. One remaining group said "we don't like you or your house, we're going to become slaves to Belgium".

All that's now left to do is decide, the 32 plus me, what we're going to drink. The rest can just join us or sod off and sulk. I rather suspect the latter will continue as they have since June 2016. Meanwhile we 33 souls could have a good go at getting on with enjoying life. Away from the meddling, dictatorial, effing bores, who can't manage, without being dictated what to do by some playground, unelected and definitely nasty bullies.


  1. Went to the bookie today to bet that The Brexit Party would win in Peterborough and they offered me odds of 2/7. Looks like they have seen which way the wind is blowing. Just as long as your serving good English ale O R everyone knows only the Brits can make good ale. Bottoms up :-)

  2. But, but, but, you could compromise and play "Pub Golf" ;-)

  3. You have excellent tastes O R I would start with your choice of Swan and move on to my choice King Goblin later :-)

  4. DaveK, Ludlow Brewery offer a tasting plate. About all the pub golf I can manage as I become less young! Anon, why thank you. King Goblin is certainly a menu option to seek.