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Friday, 10 May 2019

Quite A Surprise.

Yet Still Duplicitous.

For the first time in almost a year I watched QT last evening. Mainly because the "Reluctant Messiah" was to appear. Also I was interested in Mr Mills as a Labour Leave supporter and member. Given my antipathy, however, I was not too hopeful we would get much in the way of factual and moral debate. Except, maybe, from Nigel.

Well, the other surprise was a seemingly 50/50 or even slightly higher number of leavers in the audience. My guess is that they were contacted, as I was some years since, and quizzed on my political stance and personal background. If people then claimed "remain" credentials their attendance chances will have been more likely than not.

Whatever, much of the programme's common sense and understanding of Brexit and the EU's intransigent conspiracy with May and Parliament was to be garnered from the audience. Unusually, for panelists, Nigel and the lucid, clear attitude of Mr Mills were fully endorsing of the audience and their stance. So apart from following observations, I saw it as a positive for those longing to be free of the Establishment, self absorbed and as the evening wore on, unpleasant losers of remain. 

As for the cosmetically and seemingly surgically enhanced Soubry, the glaring need for Rudd to shell out for similar surgery and intelligence enhancement, lacking in spades from both women, and the utter wimp of the year title contender, Reynolds, I shall continue.

Soubry was very quickly identified as the bruisers' choice to take on Nigel. That was a dismal failure and the well worn nastiness obvious to the audience. As were the same tactics in 2016's referendum from the remain camps.

All in all she came over as a liar and sore loser. Not least when, questioned, on her not testing her outrageous claim her constituents fully supported her treachery in leaving the Tory Party. If she believed her electorate were so fully behind her, a By-election would hold no fears. Her ignorant  assertion that Norway had left the EU was quite beyond credulity in its stupidity. What an utter fool.

Then there was Reynolds. Oh dear. He sat like a rabbit caught in headlights. Mumbled and muttered the incoherence of Labours' incoherent but rather two faced strategy of stating a remain or leave bias dependent on the hour of the day. The Marxist in the "just wait until we are in power and then we'll sort out any dissenters in our Gulags" method of achieving horrific power.

Up stepped Mr Mills. The old fashioned, patriotic and genuine Labour figure we can all respect. Rather in the Frank Field mould, I thought. He supported Nigel's comments on the "Parliament versus the people" statement and also the sheer lack of democracy within the EUSSR project. As a pragmatic leave supporter he gave his Party dire warnings of the alienation of core, decades long but now despairing voters, outside London and the parts of the South East.

Finally Rudd. Called out for her solid adherence of claiming she and her ilk really do know what's best for the rest of us. Blind, deluded and pathetic in her responses to how dreadful we, as a Nation, have become. Her soulless, elitist and so utterly out of touch, anachronistic, incapable of seeing the loss of 1335 or so Tory Councillors as terrible, demeanour just acted as a stooge to Nigel's criticism and their bulls eye accuracy.

The decline in GP numbers Rudd handled with the usual, Maybot like clone of current MP answers to all criticism of their smugness and expenses greed aloof unpleasantness. "We throwing more money at the problem" typical rubbish said as if somehow it's their own personal generosity rather than the billions of OUR money they waste and fling around.

Did I glean much from this hour you may ask? Well, sadly much of it was the usual manipulated and directed nastiness of the BBC from years since. Bruce seems a little more even in her stewardship than that old has been, Dimbleby, ever was. Yet still one glaring intervention popped up towards the end of the programme.

For no obvious or pertinent reason a woman was offered the microphone to stare and point at Nigel and call him a racist. It was as if the last minute intervention was made after having been forgotten it was on the agenda. Once more such now blatant Establishment tricks and nastiness came to the fore. Only to be recognised immediately for the LibDum expletive du jour it was.

Nigel's face was a picture as many in the audience turned on the woman and her ridiculous statement. Ever since the referendum and becoming evermore prominent, the Public are just not swallowing the awfulness of our Establishment anymore. Their desperation is palpable. No more so than with Corbyn's headless chicken routines.

Like the rest of them and despite the magnitude of anger and feeling at large, "they" just don't get it. QT last evening showed us that with an audience, regardless of perceived but now old allegiances, were pretty well united in condemning and damning of the Parliamentary threesome last night. The 23rd of May will be as I predicted in a recent post, another big popcorn day.

All of this anger was created from the second the treacherous, evil and very devious remainer, May entered Number 10. Not the people's choice. The Establishments. Nigel prayed fervently last night that we may be seeing a massive crack and eventual demise of the two party, swamp infested system. I wonder if he will be, again, proven right.

I do hope so. This once proud, successful and independent Nation deserves it to be so if only for its history in freeing Europe from Nazi brutality and slaughter.


  1. It seemed to me that the BBC had slipped up for once and failed to select the left wing remainer audience they wanted. The open contempt shown for democracy and the wishes of the electorate displayed by the remainers can surly only have fueled the disgust of many viewers. All in all the program highlighted the desperate tactics employed by the remainers and the contempt they feel for the will of the people. Arrogant beyond belief they seek to dictate rather than represent, are we watching the death of UK democracy?

  2. You almost make me wish I hadn't thrown out the TV all those years ago, almost but nor quite.
    Accusations of racism against Brexiteers come from those who have no rational argument to put forward. When they've run out of bullets they'll throw dirt.
    Be interesting to see what happens after TBP makes massive wins in the eu election, they'll be terrified of a GE after that.

  3. "are we watching the death of UK democracy?"
    I think it's been moribund for decades. The over reach brought about by their refusal to abandon globalism has made it absolutely apparent. In a way that might hopefully have positive consequences.

  4. What was obvious is the Remainers do not like being accused of being anti Democratic - they have no answer. To try to foist another Referendum on us, the People's vote, or trying to overturn Brexit both are undemocratic and there is absolutely no wriggling out of it, We should absolutely keep pushing this point in their faces. They hate it.

  5. Mr oldrightie, please take a look at these specimens, don't look for too long, it could be detrimental to your health.
    You might find the usual suspects, not working for you, yet still hoovering up the cash.

    BTW mr ishmael is back, on top form and a new descriptor for the troughers, Demophobia !!!

  6. Wow, Mr Ishmael back. Wonderful and thank you fellow inmate! Indeed for the splendid comments on this post.