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Saturday, 4 May 2019


That Was Some Drubbing.

Now the dust has almost settled and the MSM play "like it never happened", just as they did the days following the referendum, we little folk can take stock of our own accord. As with the 2016 result, Thursday's vote was never fully expected to be as bad as it was for the deep state and its tame, two party stitch up of decades.

For me the manner twitter trailed the likely actions the electorate might choose was marvellously prescient. I also enjoyed a small triumph of my own when early on in the declarations I took circa 8000 seats at stake and the 14.5% losses Mad May's decimated troops began to suffer and came up with 1160 as a conservative, pun intended, drubbing.

However I also knew that Mad May would gurn, slightly squirm, then carry on heading towards the conflagration which, come what may, she will, eventually, have consume her. Sadly she's hell bent on taking down the few survivors that will be left, along with her. That, of course, will not include her backstabbing Mandarins such as the Heywood and Oily Robbins ilk. More's the pity. They wield enormous power without any consequence for abject failure.

The disaster which befell Mad May and the dithering, challenged intellectually, Commie Corbyn will only serve to reinforce the adhesive they both have, in spades daubed, over their arses. As with the non compliant electorate's rebellion in 2016, Thursday's triumph for we little folk will be quickly swatted, using these two clowns' new, romantic involvement, as clubs.

It does appear that Thursday's results will seek to "let no man put asunder" what is likely to become a shotgun marriage of  two monkeys, wed at the altar of deep state convenience. Neither of these two faux leaders will want the EUSSR apparachik  elections to take place. Yet even if they do a deal to get this dreadful deal passed and elected MEPs don't get to take up residence on the gravy train to nowhere that is the EUSSR talking shop and perks paradise of a Parliament, the results could be a springboard for the Brexit Party.

A springboard into a General Election which might just see the two party system mortally wounded for good and all. We can but hope. In the meantime we shall be forced to endure more debilitating, cunning, devious wriggling by the PTB to try and recover their wounded power bases. I suspect part of such carryings on will be efforts to keep Mad May and Commie Corbys as fall guys for the coming continued sagas and debacles. 

Just imagine, Mad may still glued to Number 10 until 2022. Now there's a thought to take into the Bank Holiday weekend. No doubt she'll be with her feet up at Chequers, surrounded by her favourite Mandarins and sycophants. Living high at our expense and gloating how even 1335 once loyal Party Councillors, bereft at their dismissal, is as nothing to her still remaining in her unassailable Ivory Tower.

Isn't she a most unpleasant, self satisfied, nasty piece of work.

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  1. Thank you again OR for such a well written piece.
    Mrs May is detested by many grassroots Conservatives but the remainers in Westminster will keep her in number 10 as long as they need her to destroy the brexit the peasants voted for. The simple truth is she does not give a dam what any of us think she is safe for the moment because she is doing the bidding of a remainer parliament. Arrogant beyond belief she will stay in number 10 until brexit is destroyed and then taking her ill gotten rewards with her will desert us for greener pastures.