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Friday, 31 May 2019

Is It Time For A People's Vote?

No, We've Had One.

Another example of why we really are stuck in a dictatorship happy to piss on their pretend Parliament. Also an example of how the constant, daily mention of a second referendum or that stupid phrase, "people's vote", is nought but the usual deceitful ploy. That such a second referendum would have any chance of a leave victory, second time round, no chance. 

So, we ask ourselves, where are we? The Establishment have shrugged of the EU vote as a blip. A "protest" vote, no problem. Indeed, the motley fools claim Verhofstadt's chosen Party to meddle in those elections with, was the Libdums. More evidence of fixing efforts than anything Russia's ever been found guilty of! 

Next Thursday a victory in Peterborough, God willing will provoke similar public gainsaying by the idiots sloshing about the swamp. With or without such a win I still consider the EU results very significant. Free from any serious corruption due to time constraints the results of 23rd were historic. The responses likewise. 

LabCon's excuses and denial at the magnitude of an 11% margin between first and second and their woeful 13.7 and 8.9% respectively really beggared belief at the stock responses chuntered forth. I guess just further stupidity and delusion that all is as it always was. The identical, at least that which we are allowed to observe, usual crap. I suggest that behind the scenes it may be different.

For here's some thoughts on where we are from this little source and tiny keyboard warrior. The 2016 vote was never expected to be lost. Circa 3 million votes "imported" to bring about the large turnout claimed, was never really an honest number of votes cast. 

Also, if we look at the normal turnout figures of the past and only this month, 17.4 million for leave was always going to be a massively greater number than available for remain. 11% margin? A week or so just gone hints at such a margin. So any enforced, manipulated or tricked second ballot would mirror that just played on MEps!

However other options are being studied. A somewhat bizarre and 3 years overdue leadership contest for the, soon to be rump, of the Tory Party is underway. Although I doubt it, a brexiteer might win it. My money's on another Tracy remainer pretending to be not such a minded person. Boris I consider of that ilk despite the protestations. May I suggest the Office was always his priority, the referendum a stepping stone.

Whoever does become PM must still need to move on Brexit. The avoidance of a General Election will be concentrating 500 plus remainer MPs. Thus I suspect a large effort to avoid that will be made. I consider that election becoming inevitable. Certainly a better option for the Public's passion for democracy and leaving down the road. Indeed, the revocation of Aricle50 followed by an election would suit my ambition.

Such would be the obvious betrayal of 2016, even mass deselections from Labour and Tory ranks, of remain hypocrites and liars, would not be sufficient, is my take. Also fiddling a General Election, though rife, is less able to engineer a win, the larger a ballot. As was the case in 2016. Indeed one can easily imagine the result of 23rd of May being repeated or enhanced for the Brexit Party.

Those who might scoff at these predictions should be beware. That self same ridicule and arrogance brought about unexpected results in 2016, 2017 and now, so far, 2019. All three ballots were won by the weight of support for leaving the EUSSR and recovering our independence and sovereignty. Now it's about our broken and grossly undemocratic state.

None of the major parties can be trusted. The corruption and power of the unelected Commissars of Brussels, led by their noses by Germany, its banality and smug nastiness is now understood like never before. Other countries also aware of this unpleasant dictatorship's ship of fools. 

So let's have Article 50 revoked and a General Election in October. For those of us who understand, well over 17 million of us, the evil swamp that seeks our enslavement, such an election, knowing everything promised by LabCon would be lies, would be a foregone conclusion. Once bitten, in 2017, at least twice shy. As we witnessed on the 23rd of May!

Just imagine, a brand new start with a popular, brand new Party. On straight % votes we would see TBP and Tories combined, 258, the rest 259. What a start that would be! If Labour MPs were new leave supporters and democratic 2016 supporters, we would have a new leave Parliament. Time will tell.


  1. I don't think any effort was made to "adjust" the voting numbers in 2016 as the establishment believed it already knew the result. We shall see what happens in Peterborough next week but I do hope parties supporting leave have plenty of eyes on the floor at the count to avoid any "mistakes" bring made. Interesting to see local Conservative associations having votes if no confidence in their remain supporting MPs. Not a real surprise to many of us as grassroots Conservatives have long been very badly represented by many of the so called Conservatives in Westminster. Old Spotted Hen tonight O R cheers :-)

  2. Opps make that Old Speckled Hen.