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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Fever Pitch!

May's Ability To Suffer Humiliation And Drag Us With Her.

Tomorrow we have the third referendum EU elections. You know, the ones we "elect" so they can, in the main, enjoy a lifestyle we can only ever dream off. Most of us. Lavish travelling perks, duty free shopping in their Brussels Parliament basement shopping malls. Plus the ability to run down the British people to their EUSSR pay masters and largess promotion panels.

It is rarely, if ever, mentioned by the deep state propaganda machines, SKY, the BBC and Channel 4 among them, that this gravy train of sycophantic privilege is also a reason 52% of British people, at least, wanted no longer to pay for this despicable talking shop of deep state lackeys. Just as we loathe the invincible power and dictatorship of the Commission itself.

So here we go, tomorrow. It is a referendum, despite the forces trying to dampen that fact down. It is the might of the deep state and Traitor May's bosses versus we ordinary and despised voters. That the 2016 ballot was rigged is in little doubt. The Brussels Post Office well rewarded for processing the 3 million or so postal votes contracted out to them! Circa 1.5 million shy of what was needed!

Whether tomorrow will be fair is again open to question. If it is, we should see a vote for the Brexit Party at a level we should have seen in 2016. My view circa high 50%. Since the EUSSR vote is so very complicated, though, the opportunities for manipulation are greater in number than our own referendum was. So I'm not optimistic.

In reality May's humiliating trips to Brussels and her bended knee circuits of Europe have been dreadful for anyone who holds pride and self worth to be important. Sadly too few in the modern age. An age which sees a milk throwing, SKY employed, thug lauded for assault against a feared by the Establishment, figurehead for the people. An age which has allowed our lives to be hijacked by a woman fully in thrall to the EU and its corporate, gangster controlled, Mafioso style. One with even more powerful, forces when allied to organised crime across the Globe.

As for May, she spouts yet more flawed and irrelevant crap. The pathetic and deeply out of touch Mandarin classes aloof smugness all over these ridiculous smoke and mirrors new "amendments". Words which convey zero sense or reality. Just platitudes designed to fool the fools in Parliament.

As if this charade of stupidity by May was not enough it is reported this morning "she" has written to Corbyn to beg his backing. In reality she's not on bended knee but her knees. Worse still her knickers are round her ankles in a display worthy of a starving, old and past it Victorian hooker. The only problem, as with her EUSSR supplications, we are forced to own up she's our Prime Minister and therefore her actions label us with similar proclivities which we most certainly, except for Gormless Gove, are not happy to accept.

This duplicitous and openly lying and deceitful woman is a disgrace to her Office. Surpassing even Bliar's and Snotty Gordon's tenures. The only other people we must despise are her Civil Servant scum Mandarins, obsessed with their career opportunities in Brussels. Most of them probably learning German as I post.

It has been said many times in my seven decades and then some, that elections have been critical. The 2016 referendum, for sure the biggest shock we, the people, most of us in a majority, told the deep state, Soros gangsters and cliques, we'd had enough. Sadly the message was drowned out in a tsunami of obfuscation, over complication and total lack of any powerful will to listen.

The Establishment fight back was to wear us down. mess with our heads and patiently, drip, drip, force us to remain or at least be trapped in a deal so awful we would suffer humiliation for decades. That so may millions of our fellow citizens are blind to these facts and this global dictatorship is very peculiar.  I suspect the brainwashing by educationalists from early, formative years is part of the ignorance.

I'm rambling. Just get out tomorrow and in big numbers vote once more for that we did in 2016. Freedom and the benefits of sovereignty. A democratic nation, self reliant, strong and working as one to lead, again, the way people should conduct their lives. Living and working in a free country which, if things are not as a majority wish, they can democratically and peacefully change their representatives.

As France and its turmoil, police brutality and powerful adherence to the gestapo mentality of the EUSSR and their deep state masters is showing us, since last November, protest on a massive scale gets them nowhere. We, in the UK, have a chance to show the way to freedom. Tomorrow is a battle. It will not win the war but it will swing momentum back to us, the people. If it is not won convincingly it will be another, among probably the last nails in the lid of our democratic coffin. The final nail will seal that lid of democracy forever.

If that terrible day dawns, May will be offered first dance on our casket for her betrayal and destruction of all we British once stood for when we freed, with American support, eventually, Europe,from its brutal subjugation by Nazi Germany.

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