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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Do We Really Get The Politicians We Deserve?


Surely not in all cases? Politicians of the modern as opposed to the Profumo era, find their argument, spurious as it is, that their personal lives are of zero importance compared to their status as in Office. Something I find self serving, delusional twaddle.

Unless that little man squatting on the Speaker's Chair and in its once respected Office gets off on being serially cuckolded by a wife, seemingly desperate for any male attention as long as its rough, he should find high office a burden. It certainly is for us whilst he clings, deep state riveted, to his position. Of course a Remain Parliament isn't going to be anything less than cloyingly clingy to the cuckold so long as he stands for an agenda to wreck our say over leaving the EUSSR.

I suppose, in all fairness, he's just a low profile hypocrite on a high stool feeding as a child and glutton on his belief in his own powerful existence. If ever we can give an even greater drubbing than that of 2016 and now May 2019, to these cretinous excuses for representative, elected fools, his comeuppance will rank the highest.

As for the sneering dismissive nature of Thursday's vote by the Bercow, like minded, cretinous Parliament, resounding boringly through the foghorns of the MSM, all we have to do is be patient. Our time is not to come, it's here. A General Election will bring out the 17.5 million from 2016 and then many more who are sick of our humility before the EUSSR. In 2016 most who voted for remain had little idea of the lack of democracy on offer. They should do now.


  1. We may have been guilty of placing too much trust in MPs who promised to implement the will of the people. Having said that fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. I don't think many will be fooled twice when the general election comes round.

  2. I do hope so. It sems our only real chance of a real Brexit is a GE and those now known to be lying from 2017 all turfed out. Given just 37% EU turnout offered 245 seats for TBP and 12,000,000 leave voters absent, it really could drain the swamp. Deep as it is.

  3. Keep an eye on the Peterborough by election O R it should at least show us which way the wind is blowing. As for those that says its a mid term by election all I would say is that the next general election could be closer than we think. Re. draining the swamp, its very very deep and stinks more then I ever imagined if could. It is of course a wonderful place for the pigs who are wallowing in it.