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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Did You See Her Yesterday?

I Did, Briefly.

This image was captured as Mr Peter Bone was reporting to her from his constituent's Party activists about their drubbing in the local elections. Plus, now, the animosity and anger they are enduring as they struggle with these responses from the electorate over the EU election campaign.

Do you detect a sneering couldn't give a toss, I know stuff you can never imagine smugness? I do. Her whole body language and expression one of "You and the little people out there, Mr Bone, mean nothing to me." Rather like the LibDums and Cable. "Bollocks to Brexit." Which really is just what this ghastly PM is showing, "Bollocks to 17.4 million leave voters."

She really is drunk with power, self entitlement and happy as can be with her self deluded sense of all consuming belief in her omnipotence. We can only be thankful she's not passing on her genes and leaving her stench deposited in some other poor soul.

She does appear totally invulnerable. If nothing else she displays enormous lack of any empathy or sense of caring for anyone but herself. Not borderline but I think absolutely a sociopath. Someone careering down a road to perfidy and dragging us all with her. No censure touches her, no truth passes her lips, no soul dwells within.

She now begins to show the rather dazed expression Bliar took on and kept. A haunted inability to understand why their greatness goes unseen, their lies are not accepted, their abject betrayal of decency, democracy and an all embracing obsession with self. What will it take for us to be rid of her?

Who knows. We can but pray this stupid MEP election will be so bad for the Establishment they will have to move out of the way. What is concerning, however, are the lengths Macron is going to in cruelty and violent oppression now sweeping France as they have woken to the real nastiness that depicts the EUSSR dictatorship we Brits so wanted to leave.

One thing is for sure. Look at that face above. There's someone I'm convinced would stoop to the thuggery of Macron's gestapo goons. Time will tell but I suspect she already has a promise of riot troops from the Continent ready to mobilise. Why else so smug?

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  1. Everything you say is true. She is smug because she is doing just what the remainers put her in office to do and as long as she wreaks brexit she does not give a dam about the voters, democracy or anything else. Its hard to imagine a person more suited to the treacherous work she is doing. Having said that it looks like her party have at long last realised she is going to put them out of office for a generation. She does not care as long as she is well paid (most traitors don't) but at long last the 1922 committee may have enough courage to get rid of her. Too little too late of course but now I just want to see her thrown out of office and I don't carecwho does it or how the do it I just want her out of my sight for ever.