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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Another Mouth To Feed.

At Our Expense!

My credentials as a loyalist and supporter of the Queen have faded somewhat. As our democracy is traduced there has been zero sound emanating from those quarters and seemingly tacit acquiescence for May's ghastly and servile surrender to the deep state's EU Arm of dictatorship. o much for having a say, Your Maj. Charlie will be far worse, you see.

I was very angry at the carryings on of Charles over his gross and disgraceful behaviour and misogyny, where his sons' Mother was concerned. yet still felt and still just about do feel a sense of loyalty to Her Maj. Despite it wearing thin.

I have also always found the gushing sycophancy of the media to all things Royal as to be off putting to say the least. Now a perfect excuse to back off the daily baiting of democratic leave voters. You know, those who failed to do as they were told. The drip, drip of torture, since the referendum, led by May's band of democracy throat cutting scumbags has been gross.  The media relentless in the water boarding. Obeying orders their excuse. Just like the Nuremberg accused.

So. to any reader of this truly humble blog, I beg forgiveness for an approach to another privileged, entitled and celebrity by birth addition to the tax payer funded wage bills. As least, eventually, may and many treacherous others will be gone. Even pipsqueak, cuckold Bercow can't last much longer, surely?

As for Brexit going quiet. Post last Thursday's drubbing somebody did wake up to the real message. Leave the EUSSR and now, this instant, on WTO terms as provided for in the Article 50 of that gross Lisbon Treaty. Simple. Except for the fact it is wholly out of the ball park of deep state expectation. Thus the manifestos from LabCon had to be mired in lies and pretence to create a deadlocked remainer Parliament.

I write deadlocked when its really just the EUSSR way. Bore everybody to death then declare it all a big mistake and hey presto, total integration as planned anyway. Goodbye UK defence, the pound, our fishing industry or the little still left. Oh and any resemblance of democracy. 

Hello to a foreign police force and masked, unknown riot troops. Hello euro at a very painful devalued rate to empty what's left of our sovereign wealth. All of this will see the Royal Family paid and rewarded handsomely for pomp and circumstance surrendered for the new leaders from abroad. 

Any remnants of our traditional ceremonies will morph into massed ranks of jackbooted parades strutting to "Ode to Joy". So once more I beg forgiveness if I fail to welcome this newborn. All I see is another figurehead to help pretend we remain an independent, secure democracy. His future is likely a damn sight more secure than most babies born that same day. Just you see. No Union Jacks to be seen.



  1. The royals have had their chance to save our sovereignty, which after all should be their job and now the clown speaks against Brexit.Time for a republic, they are not fit for purpose.

  2. Hmm anyone seen a humble blog around here? :-)

    You are right O R we has outgrown the royals, they are now a symbol of oppression, you are a subject not citizen. The Queen even owns the land your home stands on, you are not an owner you are merely a freeholder. Time to move on and as a true democracy would have an elected and accountable head of state. I wish the royals no I'll will I just want them to go away and live their lives happily and at their own expense like many others such anachronisms do.