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Friday, 24 May 2019

A Huge Sigh.

Were They Crocodile Tears?

That it was to be the beginning of her end as PM was shown starkly when Woody Allen was seen coming into the street. I'm sure I saw him doing calculations in his head! Which pending deals might he lose, how much can he make before she actually goes, will we manage on just a couple of million rather than several a year? Maybe I'm wrong.

What I am not wrong about is how dire, secretive and determined to keep us trapped in the EUSSR clutches she was. Thus, despite my admiration for Christian values but poor implementer of same, I was braced for the immediate eulogies. Just as we suffered those when that monster, Cyril Smith died, so we now have to bow to the weasel platitudes she will receive.

In all honesty I doubt 1335 Councillors across the UK will feel too chipper at her late acceptance of just how bad she's been. Her lies, duplicitous secrecy and kow- towing to her Oily Robbins gang and the EU Commissars, to shackle us in a terrible treaty of betrayal of the 2016 vote, was grossly awful. Almost three years she has prevaricated, lied and deceived us all. She has trampled over democracy, decimated her party and now quits in a huff.

If, as I feel may well be the case, she's had sight of exit polls from yesterday, it's very likely why she took so long to announce her departure in the vain hope she wouldn't be Nigel's second Prime Ministerial victim. If another duplicitous closet remainer replaces her, Nigel may well get a hat trick! What is improbable is that her successor could be any worse but you never know.

What could happen and is presently enshrined in our law, is we leave on WTO terms. I refuse to call it no deal. If May had the courage of any convictions we should have left on the 29th of March. That she rushed to prostrate herself and our Nation before her EU bosses was an act of sheer humiliation. One she chose as a way to keep her job until 2022. Thank goodness she failed.

What next? Well, after a big sigh of relief at her capitulation to reality and the 17.4 million pressure points which have triumphed, for now, we must wait and see. I suspect that unless a real, honest and certainty that leaving the EUSSR dictatorship, is held by her successor, The Brexit Party may well win a General Election. That possibility may become more apparent come Sunday evening/ Monday morning.

My Polling Station visitor numbers do hint at a very good turnout. I hope I'm right and it reflects an excellent result for leave supporters. A third referendum is how that vote was considered by many people, that's for sure. Whatever, as with 2016, we can be glad of losing a remain PM and enjoy the pleasure of a hard won victory at her departure. What we must not forget is the nastiness of the deep state's chagrin at losing one of their puppets. I'm always mindful of that saying, "be careful what you wish for". 

For now I will take quiet satisfaction she's finished. I am not afraid to say, "good riddance". I will try and suffer her eulogies quietly. As for her tearful farewell. I suspect her rare display of emotion was for herself, not for her Nation, regardless of her, as ever, dubious words. For once she showed emotion forced on her by humiliation.

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