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Saturday, 13 April 2019

The Stunts Get Ever More Obvious And Blatant.

Brexit delayed With Perfect Timing.

I never find the coming holy week easy. The betrayal of Christ by that so archetypal nastiness behind ancient and modern human nature. Greed and its driving fuel, money. sadly such is the grip on us all and the collusion of the deep state entrenched globally, it's very hard to keep track.

The Internet has been but now looks in danger of also being neutered as a tool for we little folk. Remember the crooks and embezzlers in the expenses scandals? Now that's been brought in house and kept very secretive today. The abuse now worse than ever but kept from public scrutiny and approbation.

As for Brexit. The usual long, drawn out crap the EUSSR throws around with ludicrous and dreadful acting and dramatic gasps poured from the fat chops of the Goebbels Bunter Boulton lickspittles  of the so called MSM continues slowly towards the withdrawal of Article 50. That smarmy, thin lipped ghastly creep Hammond smirking at his total control of Mad May.

You can just about imagine the discussion in the back rooms of some secret war room. "How about we get a delay put together just before Easter" will have gone the whispers. "Also, if our plot to get Assange can be done at the same time, we'll have two camouflage operations together. By the way did the Foreign Secretary, what's his name, er, er Hunt, get that money transfer done. You know, to Lenin, how's that for irony, Moreno?" "He did? fantastic, no wonder the snatch went so seamlessly". 

"By the way Tess, as I told you earlier, make sure you twist the knife into Assange. Even if no proof available. Like with the Skripal plot. great to show any other upstarts thinking our war crimes, the truth and decency matter. It's not their business just as long as they pay up."

Can things get any worse? I guess they can. Still, Judas Iscariot couldn't cope, eventually. Let's pray Mad May and her cohorts go the same way. If only their wages of sin will not be sufficient to quell their evil souls' and instead force them to bow out in shame. My breath is not held. Especially for the two twin creeps, Mad May and Horror Hammond. Not a ciggy paper between them as far as duplicitous, mendacious nastiness is concerned. Both exploited by Oily Robbins and his Mandarin deep state operatives.

I beg the joy of Easter is denied them. The dread of  Good Friday and their own future crucifixion haunt them. That May's hypocrisy each time she enters Church and that she is reminded of her lies and evil so deeply embedded in her psyche. Halloween, for goodness sake. As if! 

One final thought for today. What if Assange can come up with something devastating ere long? Perhaps the real blackmail the EUSSR holds over our Parliament would be good.  Must be at the price being paid of Billions and billions of our waning prosperity. Of course, given the ease the likes of Vaz, coke supplier to rent boys and destroyer of peoples' lives, what can ever stick to these teflon terrorists? Have a good weekend while you still can!


  1. Let's stir things up Here's a petition from a mate of mine ..

    Click this link to sign the petition:

    My petition:

    The Prime Minister must allow an further Vote of Confidence in her leadership

    It is clear that since the Prime Minister survived a vote of no confidence by the Parliamentary party that she has acted in a high handed manner and broken the promises set out in her manifesto.

    The Withdrawal Agreement has been overwhelmingly rejected three times by Parliament. This clearly demonstrates that the Prime Minister's strategy for Brexit does not enjoy the support of the majority either in the House of Commons or her own party. She must seek approval of her continued leadership and should this vote go against her, she should resign immediately

    Click this link to sign the petition:

  2. Seems the PTB don't like the petition.