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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

The Political World's Gone Into Overdrive!

So Much Suddenly Happening!

Out of nowhere and after a few warm spring days the climate change morons are out in force. Note their absence just a few weeks back when the polar vortex hit the States! Too cold for lying on the pavements then methinks! Children of ignorance and instant notoriety.

So that's climate politics sorted. Now onto other matters. Note how the Putin-Kim summit is being ignored. The vilification and Russian antipathy still rampant. That old hag, Hateful Hilary, sister to May, still sulking and seeking any straw to clutch to call for impeachment of The Donald. Worth a massive number of votes for a second term I suggest. You see, the arrogance of deep state foot soldiers is, as with their Banks, seen as too big to fail.

Such is their deluded self belief they quietly accept the barbaric behaviour of those useful to them. Not least Sunni dominant Islamists and their Rulers, state condoned beheading just fine. Do you think Wilkinson Sword provided the tools? Even if some, unlikely, of the victims were guilty of heinous crimes, 37 seems rather unpleasant a result. Then, if true, to display the remains is as far back into the reaches of evil you can get.

As for the interminable brexit. That war goes on. Any figures showing leadership and potential singled out for annihilation. Johnny Mercer in the frame right now. Never mind evil incarnate May's hubby's riches funded significantly by the aforementioned head choppers. Nothing to see there.

Despite BJ being the next big thing thing to Nige in the difficult and potentially vainglorious struggle against the might of the EUSSR, notwithstanding they're broke and need the rape and pillage intended for the UK, Boris is regarded as anathema to the powerful Tory remain majority. These treacherous and poisonous bar stewards of the blood soaked deep state are lashing out at each and every true and democratic leave MP. 

Well, we just might see on the 2nd of May and the following end of May elections a hell of a thrashing at the ballot box for the cretinous bunch presently in power. Not that the ballot box means much these days. As for whether we have the EUSSR Politburo election or not, please. We always were going to have it. That gravy train needs to rumble on until the dosh runs out.

If we don't then it will mean we remain under the yolk but with heavier loads and nastier bits to chew as we haul ever more crap for the EUSSR with no say where we take it. That's the deal May was told to implement. That or stop brexit totally. A terrible, bad deal or stay.

Stay of course means as a broken up UK, the euro forced at great cost to we little folk and a future horrific beyond imagination. That future will be as slaves witnessing the real world of non aligned, non subjugated Nations reaping the rewards of Russian, China and Indian trade and emerging wealth.

This latter fact is why the West and its deep state, to date, all powerful, all reaching, spiteful, greedy, war mongering backing trade bullying is in trouble. Not only in military sales but gradually energy superiority, as in Europe, by Russian oil and gas, together with civil aviation. Need a better, modern jet to replace the flawed and old B737 derivative? 

Need a grossly nasty idiot to do your dirty work and slow Chinese emerging excellence? See how the West's lot are looking very anxious indeed. Also see why Mad may is where she is. nasty, deeply unpleasant useful too the deep state idiot. Dominated by her ghastly Husband and his unpleasant ill gotten gains.

So there's a few indicators as to why we shall be forced, like in France at gun point, if necessary, to act as modern day cannon fodder. By modern day I mean how consumerism, the destruction of ethical politics and the spread of diluting race and cultures via mass migration and cultural destruction are the weapons of today for the deep state. For now. 

In a word the traducing of democracy and the manipulation of Islamic dogma as weaponry to cling on to deep state influence. It may succeed for a time. I'm not sure that it will forever. Not with the two largest and oh so ironically once communist dominated Nations. we really do live in interesting times. 

Maybe, just maybe we can come through and keep our democratic, Christianity aligned hard won freedoms and democracy. still, we didn't get our brexit so maybe my flush of optimism is only temporary!

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  1. Take heart OR the established parties are going to get a real thrashing if / when the EU elections take place. You could then see a rush to placate the voters in case they lose their place at the trough. Nothing motivates a politician like self interest.