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Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Deep State Tried And Tested Tactics.

Engender Deep Despair On Your Captives.

Many historians and writers often wonder how the persecuted and slaughtered victims of Nazi Germany seemed to accept their horrific fate so meekly. I offer an argument today that we are witnessing just such a possible phenomena. Despair.

They were duped, promised fresh showers which turned out to be painful murder by gas. They were otherwise worked to death, they and their children used for medical experimentation, their parents forced to watch as their beloved offspring were torn from them. All of these horrors will have been transmitted eventually to new arrivals, when the volume of murder victims was so large, delays built up to process this evil.

Such knowledge, however sparse, fuelled, on tired and sick minds and bodies, the sort of despair chemotherapy patients, abused children, battered wives and bullied inmates endure throughout society today. We see it on our streets, immigrants fooled into thinking our streets are paved with gold, left cold, ignored and despised, albeit sometimes justifiably. All whilst privileged political architects act with smug, self entitled superiority.

This very despair is now lying darkly over Greece and its people. After decades of rule by corrupt gangsters they joined the EU. They exchanged one Mafia for another. However that second choice is now one that looks more untouchable than the crooks from the first. One that flaunts economic discipline on smaller countries while France, for one, breaks so called rules with impunity. Seeing all this around them the Greeks, are for now, subjugated with despair and a modicum of fear.

Bear with me. This use of despair as a weapon is deeply part of the Brexit scene. Allow a referendum on leaving the EUSSR. Its grossly undemocratic, rule bending when it suits, unelected Commissariat and unexpectedly, against huge odds, billions of Government propaganda spending, lies and fear mongering, lose it. 

So, after the initial shock, forever encapsulated in Dimbleby's for once smug free visage, the deep state despair cannons and artillery were mustered. A new general was appointed for the Province Of The Isles, May. Her one major campaign strategy was to be a beacon of hope. 

Hence the sound bites. "Leave means leave", "No deal (never let is become known as WTO deal as enshrined in Article 50) is better than a bad deal", "Respect the referendum". Just a few of the hopeful indicators to be trotted out. In reality all of these statements were dreadful lies. One phrase I choose in this post, for all of those utterances. "Fool them into the feeling the are all to have a refreshing shower in a new, honest, decent politics". 

I for one fell for it. A new Maggie, so much hope and promise of a new life at Buchenwald, Belsen, Auschwitz. Whichever Warner Hotel I might end up in for a life of hope filled luxury. Above each portal, "Arbeit Macht Frei". To reinforce all this May held a General Election.

In essence this was another referendum but now a trap. Consciously or not, most Candidates from the Lielab-Contrick corners fell into the promote hope line of "respecting the referendum". Who won? The EUSSR. They kept true brexit candidates at bay. They got a hung Parliament with which to promote the long term tactic. Keep offering hope. Then drip by drip convert it into despair.

Successful or what? Last night was just a harder twist of the gas flow valves into the gas chambers their subjects were now herded. The need to up the murder rate of hope so important, a convicted criminal was paraded as a final twist to destroy any semblance of rebellion. 

Just that one vote to hand full control of the gas chambers of despair to the real camp Commandants such as Martin Selmayr, Merkel and for a few more months, the drunkard Juncker. German and Austrian for God's sake! As with the Third Reich, our Parliament carries a few good people. Some who tried to be rid of that evil that was Hitler. Bear in mid these are the camp Commandants.

Beyond they are the deep state, real powerful masters. The Saudis, the American banks and drug barons, the oligarchs who tried to bring Russia to its knees, who fled the wrath of their people. The Ceausescu followers likewise. Mugabe, bankrolled in return for keeping secret the nastiness deep in the bowels of our own shady rulers. People desperate not to alienate their blackmailers.

Well, so far, despite the soon to be lost, Internet freedoms, the despair is becoming palpable. Our Parliament no longer fit for purpose. Our Civil service happy to sign the cheques to keep the Gulags of despair on a roll. For the likes of Oily Robbins and his ilk, the increase in barbed wire fencing of lies and subterfuge worth every penny they can misappropriate.

Despair. A weapon so strong we see it in the wretched faces from the holocaust, that are now being slowly expunged from history. Dampened down to hide the power of this weapon of misery that is the engenderment of despair. As I watch the Yvette Cooper/Letwin smugness shine from their faces, May and her cohorts quiet smiles of "we know things you can never dream of", so smeared across Hammond's Front Bench countenance, I see just horrific faces from the past.

Horrific because down the road there will be a backlash. My frequent references to a Mad Max Planet will happen when one day that despair is cast aside with blazing violence and blind need for revenge. Many innocents will pay dearly but I suspect there will, one day, be casualties at the very top. Sad our majority of Parliamentarians are so blind as to not realise how much guilt they bear from promoting despair so roundly and willingly.

The mantra of peace hardly present in the Balkan conflict. Nor in the veiled threats a WTO deal could reignite violence in Ireland. I suspect they already have that in reserve should they need it.

Here is where despair finally reaches maximum and exploitation is laid bare.

History so often repeats itself.


  1. Nail on head Rightie.
    Despair is exactly what they pedal.

    Even our once supposedly staunch leader of the ERG folded at the last hurdle, if you were taken in by May, i was most certainly taken in by Rees-Mogg, and i am annoyed with myself because whilst May had quisling tattoed on her mug from the very start...a hopeless home sec too...i really had great hopes for Mogg.

    Thankfully my own MP, Hollobone and the neighbouring town's MP, Bone, are both made of better (bones? :-) ) stuff, and stood firm throughout, but decent MP's are an endangered species.

    It's the outright lies and propaganda of May and her cabal, a pox on them.


  2. Indeed, now that duplicitous witch is begging for yet another extension. She knows she'll appear to get all she wants providing she uses billions of our money to buy the death of Brexit. It's the EU calling the shots. The irony is their doing what made us vote to quit.