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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Sometimes The Truth Will Out.

Albeit Truth Is A Rare Commodity Today.

Hwre we were once more, this Bunty Boulton show with him shouting over IDS and screaming the remain vitriol he so specialises in. Toynbee showing, for once, a degree of realisation it's still not going her way and another day of faux, fabricated drama. What a mess.

Just for once, however, we have, of all people, a retired German EU Commissioner, laying some blame for where it belongs. On Tusk and his unelected drunks of the Commissar Cabal. How briefly refreshing. We need, also to include their associates and quislings in the UK too. Let us make no mistake whatsoever that, when referring to the EUSSR, we are every bit associating our own Parliament, in the main and the powerful role of our lying, despicable Prime Minister.

You will also note that Bunter Boulton and his "All out remain politics" chooses not to run with the Herr Gunter piece. Even though it's so valuable a contribution to the unholy mess the effort being put in to stop our leaving this corrupt, bankrupt, we need your dosh badly, EU is underway.

As for the mess. Our Cooper leading Parliament by the nose is but a comedy turn with Letwin salivating in her wake like the infantile little squirt he is. The silly bunch legislating for an order to Mad May to beg and supplicate for a further addition to the already approaching three year delay and keeping an old Lady from her bed to sign this daft and rushed bill after May was already on her latest and expensive begging bowl mission trip. Comedic gold or what?

As for "an extension". FFS, it's just pushing at the closing door of our membership to keep the remain portal ajar, whilst an army of deep state morons pour burning oil from the ramparts above. With luck they'll catch the defenders of the door and let it slam shut. We can still hope.

Then there is the said to be inevitability of EU Parliamentary elections to the ridiculous army of well paid, unnecessary rubber stamp operatives, given the pretence facade of  a Parliament. Go on, experts, tell me, when they have ever voted down any EU Commission edict?

So the well trailed "draft decision" documents are trotted out. A softening up exercise for yet another EU order to the UK. We appear more enslaved now than ever to their dictatorship after our betrayal scum in Parliament have handed full control of the programme to keep us trapped. This WA Treaty, already signed but a precursor to our vassal subjugation. Not Mad May's but the EUSSR and their cohorts from our own infiltrated, mandarin,  Oily Robbins, SS Brigade's treaty of treachery. 

Still, regardless of the manufactured mess to keep us in this dreadful Federal ambition there are still delicious even if full of pathos, moments. To date possibly the best in three years of deliberate delay, lies and foul, stench ridden hypocrisy, Mad May's arrival at chez Merkel's. Out she gets, not even a decent glance of appreciation at her servant opening the car door, as she composes that ugly, riven with guilt face she carries, ready to gurn at and peck with, for the cameras, Führerin Merkel's unwelcoming visage. 

Suddenly she was isolated. Her hunched, aways awkward stance for one split second totally alone, the glares of the whole Continent absorbed as she stumbled awkwardly forward and straightened by a millimetre to appear unfazed. Marching stiffly forward towards the foyer ahead only to be all but frogmarched back into the "arena" to be whirled and paraded as the prisoner of the EUSSR she has willingly become.

As embarrassing and as pathetic her and our humiliation is and continues, we must permit ourselves a wry smile. For this gross lack of punctuality and parading of a captive by Merkel, so relished by the Führerin, served as a reminder to our Parliament exactly how they are perceived by our masters in Berlin. 

If Cooper considers her antics over Brexit and her careless use of her position as an MP is worthy of greater respect than our PM, she needs serious help. As for another interminable delay our cretinous Parliament might be a significant victim list of the consequences. Annihilation at the pretend EU Parliamentary ballot for starters. Followed by a general Election destined to change our politics forever.

For better or for worse let us hope there will be further opportunities for humour and smiles before we are marched off to the gulags! After all our neighbouring continentals know what that's like in spades, do they not. Turkeys and Christmas very much to the fore right now. Prior to our descent into a Mad May, not Max, future Armageddon.

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