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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Popcorn Still Needed!

Despite The MSM Low Brexit Profile Before The Local Elections.

Just before retiring last evening I picked up that Mad May was postponing the "Queen's Speech" until after Brexit. Which logically means, therefore, for ever! Now I would have expected this to be very, very newsworthy. How stupid of me.

It needs be kept from the more popular news outlets, radio and TV, deep state output. This since we mustn't let any negative, power crazed, EUSSR instructed operations be spotted by any waverers looking to switch their remain leanings to leave! I suspect that the EU lot are deeply enmeshed in trying to meddle in Thursday's vote to mitigate the damage. With luck they won't succeed.

As for Brexit and National issues affecting so called local elections, that fox is long gone. Government decrees how much they will fund local services. Since Bliar and Brown cooked up no income tax increases the burden has fallen on local home owners to fork out billions to fill central Government profligacy.

That the Tories now piss on their home owning, hard saving generations to prop up mass immigration benefits, housing and idleness, as shown in the statistics, is now a major scandal. Add to the fact that National Insurance is no longer ring fenced for pensions and the NHS, let alone care for the elderly, the state of our Country looks ever more disastrous.

Deeper study would show, I'm sure, that the daily increase in our population is still unsustainable and too high. When bushinesses moan about a shortage of labour they miss our the word cheap. Let alone skilled. Together with what's wrong with the 1.4 million out of work?

My point about all this is that National politics are so interwoven with local, it is little wonder Thursday could and I pray, will, give the Establishment LibLabCon very, very bloody noses. I can't believe mad May won't get a significant kicking, deservedly. Friday will be a big popcorn day, I suspect.

Of course that may pale into insignificance if the 23rd of May's £100 million plus urine up the wall contest goes ahead. Now there the feelings of a majority of Brits could really be identified. If the level of vote rigging and fiddling is too late in the day to do as well as was done in 2016, this just a thin end of ballot rigging. Here's a 2017 snap shot.

I am certain that if vote rigging is at a minimum on the 23rd of May and with proportional representation the procedure, we may well see enormous swathes of anger presented as massive support for Brexit candidates. I suggest this on the grounds that I have never, ever believed the numbers from 2016's referendum.

Here's one main reason why. Official numbers to be found in this link. 72.2% of a total official electorate of 46,500,001. So 33,573,000 turned up. That's 1,398,875 per hour across the land. Albeit some in blocks of postal ballot, sealed boxes. There were some doubts expressed where they all came from. Now we were also told many young people didn't turn up and that cost remain the victory. Really?

Research here suggests nearly twice as many young voted in 2016. About 64% in fact and 90% of over 65 year olds voted. Now I'm not too sharp with statistics. However if twice a given demography than originally assumed voted, in a 72.2% turnout, does that alter the turnout figure? The only clue as to numbers by age I've found at this location. Age 20-39 circa 15.3 million in 2015. So 64% is 9,792,000. Of 60 to 79 years of age there were 12 million eligible, approximately. 21,792,000. Of the remainder by age, I reckon eligible left, is 19 million. Our turn out total posted was 72.2%, 33,573,000. We've already accounted for, roughly, say 22 million from the demographic chart.

So to validate the turn out from the chart we require circa 11.5 million over and above the figures already looked at. Those in the block of age group 40-59. Say 17 million so our 11.5 million is 67% of that section by age.

Per centage turnout by age. Again roughly, 18-32, 65%. 32-40, a mean of 68%. 40 plus a mean % turnout of 79%. Back to actual numbers voting, by age, with these figures. 18-40 comes in roughly at an eligible number of 20 million 68% mean = 13.6 million votes cast.
40-80 79% of 26 million = 20.54 million votes cast.
80+ about 2 million with at least a 50% turnout is 1 million votes cast.

Total votes cast over all age groups and their percentage turnout then equates to 35,140,00. Some 1,567,000 more than the official number of 33,573,001. Now my figures are from a very poor statistician. Me. However the winning margin was 1,269,501. The difference between my effort and the result, just 247,499.

I have always reckoned that the number the deep state expected to need to guarantee the correct result and no need for years of further agonised debate or a second go, was around 3 million. A number possibly offered up by Cameron and his remain Cabinet and Civil Service. So they fell short by around 50% of that demand. So my feelings of that stitch up that leave was nearer 18,977,000 and therefore nearer 61% suddenly looks remarkably close! It also suggests that turnout was nearer 65% and takes us back to the idea that the younger voter turnout was revised upwards!

Conspiracy theory? Nah, popcorn sales propaganda! Roll on Friday late morning and the 23rd of May!

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  1. I did not know National Insurance was not ring fenced, thank you for the information. Regarding vote rigging, having been present at election counts I have seen left wing counters place a bundle of 50 votes for a right wing party in the Labour party's box. As you say a good score keeper beats a good player any day. Keep up the good work.