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Monday, 1 April 2019

Monday, Monday.

After Remain Weekend Media Saturation.

Monday morning kick's off with this remainer. At least the plots and huge funding to keep us trapped forever as serfs to the deep state's EUSSR is taking its toll on foot soldiers such as this harridan. Despite earning, at our expense, huge salaries, perhaps the deceit and lies propagated are ageing and sufficiently stressful as to diminish the pleasure of the wealth earnt. 

This woman's interview, timed to the tee, for this morning's opening salvo use is so predictable. Just as the parade of Establishment goons like John Major's appearance on Marr. Another lecture for we little people. As was the Chief Whip's with Kuenssberg. How dare we believe in democratic freedom and vote to leave a dictatorship so reminiscent of Nazi occupation?

The mantra goes on. It's such a complicated matter leaving the EU goes the line incessantly repeated. Well, it's only complicated when you really, really do not want it to happen. When your perks, subsidies and insider trading avenues are closed down you are going to whinge very loudly. Never mind the fishermen having to watch the destruction by factory ships of their once rich waters. never mind the billions we pay for little return. The waste and squandering of billions to fund vanity projects across Europe. The gross cost of two Parliament buildings and the monthly trek too and fro.

All that terrible waste is before we even look at the corruption, the destruction of Greece and the bullying of Hungary. As a staunch hater of this bureaucratic and evil Empire I am at a loss as to why the referendum was as close at it appeared to be. Unless, of course, that huge turnout was inflated by imported ballot papers from Brussels. certainly we're told the young didn't turn up as hoped so how come it was an 72.2% turnout? Bit banana republic that figure.

Whatever, the deep state, real UK Prime Minister, George Soros, is on a roll. He's wrestled control from the rump of Government and Parliament, in the main, all a cretinous bunch of lickspittles and cowards and handed it over to the EUSSR. So any chance of getting our Country back and the billions and billions we have to pay for our shackles isn't going to change. 

Indeed, once this debacle is hog tied once and for all I expect our "closer relationship" with the EUSSR will be rather like the gulags known to be the desired result all dictators crave. Lock up and starve any opposition. God in heaven help future  generations. Their fate already visible on the excrement fouling our cities, the violence growing ever more prevalent and the indifference shown by the remnants of our political classes and deep state rulers.

Of course all those competing factions just might, a forlorn hope but still possible, slip on their own frequent fouling and we leave on the 12th of March. Assuming that the illegal, careless dismissal of the 29th of March is not upheld and the Courts rule we have already left!

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