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Monday, 22 April 2019

Ill Educated, Ill Informed And Polluting.

The Climate Change Myth.

I have left the justifiable condemnation of these fools and dupes of the deep state control methods to a better analysis than I am capable of making. I have written over this climate change idiocy from the very beginning of my posts, approaching a decade since.

Those of a like mind to myself have shown constantly the fallacies of the ridiculous claims our planet and its existence can be influenced by one species, mankind,. The arrogant belief that we can actually change the natural processes and even the Universe's evolvement is positively childish, to say the least.

Briefly, as any creature expands its existence, its habitat will become, indeed does become, unsustainable. The balance of predator versus prey then becomes out of sync which  resounds throughout the area affected. Overgrazing strips vegetation and creates deserts over time. However, nature continues on its way influenced more by orbital influences and the sun than the manner creatures, through whatever changes and demands they might make. The Earth still cools at a given rate and science tells us its existence is finite.

What, with regard to human existence, do remain constant are the very nature of human character and reasoning powers. For some that must be said. However we observe that in the human condition, power and greed has always held sway. Some decide they are better than others and seek to rule, dictate and quell any opposition to their own ends.

The success of human endeavour is all around us. None more significant than the growth of aviation leading to mass migration and travel. Add to that computer sciences and it is not hard to see why the arrogance of our species has become so prevalent. Here we begin to see how hypocrisy coupled with that arrogance has produced protest. Protest formulated, taught and indoctrinated for decades in our schools. To use a modern vernacular, weaponised ignorance.

The climate change farcical stupidity is nothing but brainwashing. The real, deep state contribution to our declining happiness on our planet is there for all to see but so few choose to look. Wars created to service the ever growing populations and guide the willing victims to migrate across the globe is one but very significant, consequence of deep state manipulation.

The West's powerful have created a monstrous environment which demands terrible destruction, pollution and any means, fair or foul, usually foul, are recruited to abuse the weak and vulnerable for exploitation. Where are the demonstrations over the dreadful, evil, barbaric abuse of children. The sex trafficking, drug running evil allowed to dominate our towns and cities? Answer, in the wings waiting for causes to be manufactured and massaged into self righteous, self promoting, self indulgent faux  anger.

When your MSM salivate at the feet of the likes of Damned Dame Thompson, you know it's all a nonsensical, brain dead cause. "I would fly cleanly if I could".  There's a simple answer, you ridiculous, privileged, silly bovine. Don't fly at all! Still, I digress. 

One of the more important resources, of many, which scientifically rebut the headline grabbing rubbish we are supposed to swallow, as so many lazy fools do, is rarely if ever accessed. For sure not by the media hacks. Our tame media no longer question anything. Still, in the modern age there is just no excuse for the ignorance now polluting the streets of London and blighting the lives of others.

Here is another tireless resource but never likely to be consulted by any real seekers after truth. Too, as Al Gore(mless) might say, inconvenient. Gore is but one of many at the fringes of deep state membership who has become very rich from his prophesies of doom and his promotion of the AGW myths. There's me referencing just one of the two resources again. 

Here, then is my summary. The human race wasn't always in existence on this planet. There will be a time again, as the planet reaches its natural cycle of form and orbit and destructs. As do other stars around us, continually. Way beyond our understanding and knowledge, such events are happening elsewhere in our own and other distant universes and galaxies.

Before the end of Planet Earth, humans will probably managed to leave for somewhere else to pollute and foul. They will take with them the nastier as well as the ever more rare, decency with them. Who knows? I guess, for such deep seated understanding, help and comfort I need to consult Dame Emma? Or call on the might and wisdom of some young but so blessed with wisdom, children. After all, "what do I know"! 

Enjoy the next day or so of fine weather! Before it gets too hot.

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  1. Well said OR you logic is spot on. In spite of what many seem to believe we are not and never will be gods. Sooner or later the time of humans will pass and we will be replaced by some other species. Others like the dinosaurs were here before us and now they are gone as we will be one day. The climate we know has always changed over time. We may well be delaying the next ice age with our CO2 but we need to remember we are only thriving because we are in an inter glacial period. One day the next ice age will come and the climate change fanatics may like to ponder what that will mean for human life and the wars the advancing ice will cause.