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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Disgusting, Dreadful Waste Of Humanity.

Can There Ever Have Been A More Duplicitous, Evil Prime Minister?

The death of democracy.

May's family background ought to have her weeping and distraught at what she has just been handed on a plate. The beheading of our democracy. She should also but will not, weep in shame for her dance on behalf of her spiritual Mother, the EUSSR. Can there be such an arrogant, self entitled fool ever, in our history, as gross as this modern Salome, dancing before her Uncle, the UK Mandarin class?

Oily Robbins, in my analogy, makes the perfect Uncle to May's dance. Remember her ugly sashaying of the last few months. Her movements as visually unpleasant and embarrassing as her character. Last evening, just before the daily orgy of self satisfied, deep state media we are now forced each day, to endure, May stood and spat out her demands for the head of John The Baptiste, in return for a dance of evil betrayal.

To sit and watch as this unelected placement of a Prime Minister was foisted upon us as the face of treason, with but one job to do, destroy the United Kingdom, was terrible. To have been witness to a close on three year grotesque masquerade of deceit, masked by veils of transparent lies and nastiness, has been a period of utter shame.

That millions this morning will rejoice at the gory head of John being handed on a plate to this excuse for a human being, smacks of the images beloved of ISIS and their cheering supporters of torture and decapitation. Disciples of that barbaric cult welcomed by this woman's tenure and her liberal, lying aides and guttersnipes. Stop just for a moment to look around at what we have become.

Mass immigration of alien and backward brutality has destroyed our ability to offer fair sanctuary to more deserving victims of human cruelty. Christians many of them but also persecuted people from afar, now abandoned in favour of population replacement. A culture that admires misogyny, one that presides over child marriage, rape of mainly white children. A seething mass of malcontents rapidly changing our Country into the hell they left behind in their own war torn slums and carnage. To complain brings a howl of opprobrium and stupid labels of made up words. Islamaphobia for heaven's sake. "Far right" spat out as if "Far left" that led to Nazi holocaust ambition is to be lauded. Please.

Drug wars, knife crime, murder now playground pastimes have all been accelerated in step with our 40 years of genuflection to the EUSSR's deep state excrement of a political dictatorship. May a perfect, self obsessed, Salome, no doubt, as she watched herself all over last night's media fest, orgasmic at the suffering the decapitation of our once proud democracy is causing a MAJORITY of her citizens.

Never have I loathed a politician as I do she. Major's gaffe infested, ERM debacle, Gordon Brown's surly and gifted over a plate of pizza Premiership, were bad. Bliar's reign of warmongering, death wielding horror was pretty nasty. This woman tops them all. For almost three years she has colluded, conspired and flirted to satisfy her lust for the murder of decency and the crushing of Christian values.

Her Husband's connections blatantly steeped in weaponry. Is his wealth and her lust for power and the gifts from her EU Uncle on platters, part of her deep seated horrific nature? I do remember a brief meeting with her in the early nineties. Just seconds in a short exchange gave me the creeps. Little did I know. 

What I know now is that in my lifetime, possibly forever, we shall never see again a more duplicitous, two faced gargoyle, dancing so unattractively before our rulers as she is doing to the EUSSR. Her orchestra the likes of Oily Robbins, Verhofstadt and now her new best friend and lover of terrorist methods, to slaughter decency and opposing views, Corbyn. 

Yesterday was darker than Dunkirk, more divisive than the blitz was unifying. The word betrayal doesn't come close. Shame an emotion she is a total stranger to. Her barren nature devoid of any empathy for the pain she causes. 

She was weaker than the French capitulation to Hitler. Her face a calm, smug air of my way or no way, beloved of all bullies. May she rot in hell. Along with every Uncle she has so desperately sought to please. The swamp just got ever more overcrowded.

May she rot in Hell.


  1. My confusion is the way Parliament remain dominance goes unchallenged. Surely the stunts from the Letwin gang can be fought?

  2. You may very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment...