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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Black Monday.

The Death Of Democracy And The United Kingdom.

Ever since the betrayal was completed on the 29th of March, 2019, I have and remain in a very dark place. Just as I thought the sense of hopelessness and sadness, at the state of our enslavement, could not get any worse, last evening's new recruit, Her Majesty The Queen, tamely signed over any last dregs of self respect our Nation had clung so desperately to.

Even Judas Iscariot took 30 pieces of silver in return for his betrayal of Christ. Our Establishment of arrogant and evil deep state scum, aided and abetted by circa 500 hundred lying traitors in Parliament all snapping up their heads when the name Judas rings forth are paying with our money to fund their treachery. Their true nature responding to a name that encapsulates the shame these people are incapable of recognising.

That May ordered Her Majesty to wait on her, May's, beck and call, so she could impress Hitler Merkel with her omnipotence was just horrendous. However the depths of depravity this woman will stoop to on behalf of our Gestapo 4th Reich masters and her enslaved and conquered EUSSR States knows no bounds.

I can only imagine that May dragooned her Maj into the fold with threats and blackmail. That's May's way. Sad, however that the wealth and privilege enjoyed by the Monarchy and hangars on was too important to jeaopardise. I can't imagine ever singing the National, sic, Anthem ever again unless at gunpoint. Maybe not even then. Give it time, though, eh?

Never in a million years could I have imagined, albeit I always knew the deep state were capable, that the humiliation, humbling and embarrassing shame now poured on our heads would be as awful, evil and nasty as it has evolved. Those foolish, brainwashed, ill educated fools who chose and relish our enslavement will rue the day. Those idiots parading blue and gold star stained alien banners outside our parliament are nought but misguided traitors.

Like their EUSSR Masters and the Judas tribe inside Westminster, those ignorant betrayers of our history, the shameful destruction of our ancestors sacrifices and the spectre of a despotic, undemocratic new Nazism across Europe are to one day realise their error in this treachery.

After 44 years becoming ever more enmeshed in this occupation through stealth and despite a "once and for all" referendum, we are forced to fellate the evil that has subsumed us. Despite the shambles and fear now abroad across Europe and our once beloved, precious Isles, people still kneel before the Utopian fostered veneer masking the true future. Refreshing showers in beautiful wooded surroundings hiding the gas chambers of the last occupation of Europe.

How can people not understand what the EUSSR free movement dogma and population replacement is all about? Why do people fail to acknowledge the stabbings, gang and drug warfare, child rape, people trafficking and the rivers of blood so long ago forecast? The nightmare in which we are now entrapped is supported and abetted with our own money. How more stupid can it get?

Such is the depth of betrayal I long for the day our defunct and expensive palace Of Westminster is torn down and replaced by a huge new glass and steel, blue and gold star bedecked Gestapo HQ. A new era when the subjugation is no longer hidden. The war crimes, judicial executions and blatant evil is no longer hidden. The despicable faces of evil known to all. May a titular head of this new "beginning". Our future begun with the year 0TM. 

For sure that gurning, ugly in every way, treacherous daughter of Iscariot will have a legacy. As will her lieutenants and shadowy Oily Robbins. One day, maybe decades or even a century hence, the mess cleared up, the cities rebuilt and who knows, democracy restored, those now stalking our lands and casting long shadows of fear will be judged. Judged harshly for the destruction and evil done.

Many of my persuasion will be long gone. As relished today by those who will, temporarily dance on the pyres of their vanquished compatriots. Their foolishness and ignorance still to be realised. It will, though. It will. History guarantees it. We will then have our own gulags and gas chambers to stand across the British Isles that once were to remind future generations that lessons are never, ever learnt but briefly.

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