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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

A Cultural Disaster.

A Horrific But Valid Analogy. 

As terrible as this tragic fire and its timing at the start of Holy Week is, it carries enormous symbolism for our culture as a whole. The terrible images, of those flames' enormous power and destruction, powerfully tell us of the National disaster that the conflagration will force the French to endure. Centuries of Christian tradition, embodied and enshrined skill, human endeavour and faith lay deep within those timbers and walls.

Pride, the sense of belonging and the value of nationhood are not and never were just "populism" and narrow, xenophobic poverty of thought. Rather an animal instinct to be surrounded by like minded, shared beginnings and an understanding of fellow countrymen and women. Comforting familiarity and succour bedrocks of national pride.

It is those who would rule who decry "nationalism" but they do so at their peril. The EUSSR with deep hypocrisy scorn "nationalist" fervour. Laugh and joke from their well paid sinecures at any sign of "populism". Yet these same fools laud an EU Federal ambition, trot out a National EUSSR Anthem, refer to us all as EU citizens. Such bare faced nastiness. Our love of country ridiculed whilst they build an army to underpin their faux Nationalist aims.

Which, I wonder, will history judge the most Nazi like desired sense of belonging. Centuries old, hard won Nations of Europe, as evolved through two world wars or the disparate collection of presidents gathered, unelected, in the dim, secret bowels of the EU project?

For me the answer is clear. As we mourn the destruction now ravaged through Notre Dame, so we should see the same destruction, by the deep state place  men of the ghastly EU, all around us. Our roof timbers that have held our Countries together socially and decently for so many centuries and conflicts, now gone. Or smouldering from the blitzkrieg of modern economic warfare. 

We have a blaze of self righteous endorsement of mass migration from war zones our own rulers decree should be razed for profit. Libya now even deeper in the mire and excrement the West, Cameron and Sarkozy led, murder of Qaddafi and his people all done to be rid off a regime the deep state decided were not compliant with the needs of a global dictatorship.

At least, partly thanks to Putin and Russia's support of a legal government and elected  President, Syria held out. One Cathedral not allowed to be razed to the ground for once. However we still await further massive burning of all that we have achieved over centuries. Now at the mercy and whim of a deep state whose powerful, shadowy gangsters are rampant arsonists. Prepared to burn all before them. Just as ISIS destroyed sacred, precious heritage sites across Iraq and Syria. 

Of course we must mourn and wring our hands over Notre Dame. Yet should we not also do the same over all that is burning before our eyes, democracy and freedom? Fires fanned by the liberal, leftard likes of the remain, ill equipped petrol throwers and their failure to give our history the same consideration, now pouring from them, over the dreadful fire in a holy place they have for so long chosen to forsake and a religion they now gleefully mock.

The physical destruction of a building is easier to repair than the damage to our freedom and democracy. Of that I am certain. The saving of our precious, hard won, deeply felt love of freedom may well never recover. Nor are the fires, now set to burn, of our civilised way of life, likely to die down any time soon. Not Halloween, that's for sure. As for the chief arsonist. There's circa 500 of them to choose from, squatting in Parliament. The matches held in Number 10 Downing Street.

I'll close with this superb example of, love him or hate him, a proper leader's address. Very refreshing even if doomed to fail.  scroll down to "I'm coming back!"


  1. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but if Macron was behind the arson attack on the cathedral, wouldn't it be handy for him to place the blame on the yellow vests? I don't know, but I smell bullshit.

  2. If we needed any further proof of just how venal our so called representatives are we have just had some. Now our UKIP MEPs are leaving for the new Brexit party where they no doubt think they have a better chance of being reelected. Loyal only to their place at the trough and to hell with everyone else yet again.

    1. I fully understand your disappointment at this development and tend to share it. However there is a need to fight the established "troughers" who wield so much deep state power. Ergo, we must stoop to their level even to the extent of having our own troughers.

  3. Fair comment OR. On your other observations I do wonder if the EUSSR is allowed to come to fruition if any of us will be able to tell the difference between that and the rule the Nazi party would have imposed on us.

  4. Thank you, Anon. believe any imposed regime and the loss of democratic freedom is indistinguishable one from the other. Over time such regimes become ever more brutal and in their desperation to rule and enjoy immense wealth, power and a deluded belief in their own self entitled superiority. However as decent human beings they have zero value and are therefore poverty stricken of any happiness morality does engender. May a perfect example of all that is nasty and evil in such creatures.

  5. Just so OR. In fact a near perfect description of the EU we have today if I may say so.